ACT NOW: HP Gen8 is going end of life – have you transitioned?

In the coming weeks Gen8 models will be going end of life; meaning you will no longer be able to order them. It is essential you act now in order to transition to Gen9.

Why Gen9?

HP ProLiant has been the number 1 server brand for 73 consecutive quarters – that’s over 18 years*

With Gen9, HP continue to deliver the right compute at the right price. In fact, with Gen9 servers, you can:

  • Increase capacity & Lower TCO
  • Achieve faster time to service
  • Boost workload performance

Plus Gen9 servers are, on average, 11% cheaper than their Gen8 equivalent.

HP Gen9 2

*Includes Compaq ProLiant from 1Q96 through 2Q02 and HP ProLiant from 3Q02 through 1Q14. Source for historic data: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker for 2Q14. August 2014.

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