Accelerate Your Business With Business-Defined IT

  • Your industry is changing due to breakthroughs in cloud, social, mobile and big data technologies.
  • 55% of IT spending already comes from business budgets outside of IT budgets, and IT services are increasingly chosen outside of in-house IT services.
  • Business-Defined IT, the alignment of business and IT under mutual business outcomes, is vital to success.

Catalyst of Tomorrow’s Leading Organizations

Business-Defined IT is the integration of IT and business for aligned business outcomes. Business depends on IT for partnership and profit while IT measures against business objectives. Shared goals drive IT strategies and technology.

There are 3 primary business advantages. Improved mobility increases productivity through improved collaboration, better information access and seamless operations. Comprehensive IT Economics reduces costs, raises profitability and aligns spending with business models and values. Valuable insight fuels competitive advantage from enhanced collection and analysis of information within business contexts such as industry verticals.

Companies like yours are adopting Business-Defined IT. They combine new and familiar technologies, apply them in new ways, and make changes to workflows and processes. We use several approaches to help businesses accelerate:

Our service-driven approach via service catalogs lets application owners shop for the right IT service level according to application requirements, desired business outcomes, and budget considerations.

Software-defined methods manage the complexity of IT and automate deployment according to application and business needs.

Big data optimization makes infrastructure and data ready for analysis with intelligent content from the interconnections between machines and people, using modern analytics techniques.

Cloud delivery offers flexible consumption and deployment based on Continuous Cloud Infrastructure for continuous services, automated policy-driven service levels, and unprecedented flexibility and access.

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