A New Dawn for Data Privacy

GDPRNow the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is agreed, its demands are clear. At the heart is the idea of privacy being a fundamental right. For this to be achieved, it’s organisations must insist on ‘privacy by design,’ ‘privacy by default’ and ‘accountability’. So, although the GDPR is an evolution of the existing privacy framework, the world around it has seen a technological revolution that has often left data protection trailing in its wake.

Today’s explosion of data has meant many organisations have lost track of the data they control, own or process. As citizens, the advantages in terms of convenience and cost-savings which we all have gained from technological advances have been immense. But data subjects and organisations have had their fingers burnt by identity theft and data breaches. Our State of Privacy report shows that privacy is the most important factor when customers choose to use products and services. The GDPR requires organisations to put in place an appropriate governance framework when they collect and process information and empowers individuals to take control of their data.

This is exactly what the GDPR requires for you to achieve compliance. Adherence to the legislation is an investment that will pay dividends for your organisation well beyond the mere compliance to the legislation. In this new era, a good privacy focus can provide a real competitive advantage. Embrace the GDPR with this attitude and you can unlock real value for your organisation.

Click here to read Symantec’s full perspective – https://resource.elq.symantec.com/data-privacy-perspective-en

Click here to read Symantec’s full perspective Click here to view the GDPR Webinar “Safeguard Your Organisation’s Reputation”


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