A New Approach to Securing the Enterprise Network


Fortinet have published a new whitepaper to introduce organisations to a new approach to implementing network security.

The security vendor believes it is time to change how network security is regarded and, more importantly, how it’s actually implemented.

The role of the network in an enterprise’s business strategy is more important today than ever before. Not securing this critical asset against a sophisticated and ever-changing threat landscape is a risk most organisations cannot afford to take.

The new concept for implementing network security outlined in the whitepaper is based on three defining principles:

  • Holistic – an end-end approach from the data centre to endpoint and beyond, able to react to threats through integrated prevention, detection and remediation capabilities.
  • Collaborative – solution elements working together combined with the ability of the network to gather and share real-time threat intelligence.
  • Transformative – changing the enterprise network from a collection of boxes to a platform combining technology with human expertise.

To find out more, download and read the whitepaper – ‘A New Approach to Securing the Enterprise Network’ – now.

Download Whitepaper


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