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SanDisk helps Lenovo to deliver their flash-enabled data centre solutions.

SanDisk solid state storage devices are trusted by Lenovo and their customers, all across their enterprise product portfolio. They’re tried, tested and have the relevant OEM qualifications for many Lenovo server and storage platforms.

This means that customers can be confident that SanDisk will work with them to deliver the levels of high speed scalability, performance, endurance and reliability that they expect.

You can find out more by visiting the SanDisk Lenovo microsite here.


SanDisk offers a wide range of application and industry solutions suitable for Lenovo customers. Whatever processing and storage workloads they need to handle, you can be confident your customers will benefit from enhanced speed, reliability and productivity on servers and in data centres.

To discover about the SanDisk products and solutions available for Lenovo, please click here. Or you can download information about the products and solutions from here.

Lenovo and SanDisk facilitate your SQL Server 2014 modernisation

Click here to view a Lenovo Press video in which David Watts talks to Lenovo Marketing Manager, Sean Whalen, about the imminent need to migrate off SQL Server 2003 or 2005 to remain in service, and how such a migration is a good opportunity to evaluate new server technology with flash-based storage offerings such as solid-state drives, PCIe flash adapters and Lenovo memory-channel storage.

All-flash VMWare Virtual SAN

VMware Virtual SAN 6 was designed to enable customers to achieve predictable, high performance with an all-flash configuration – that is, flash for caching as well as for primary storage capacity. In this solution, SanDisk‘s high performance, high endurance Optimus Ascend™ SSD is used for caching and SanDisk’s 4TB* Optimus MAX™ – that is certified for Virtual SAN 6 – is used for storage capacity. By combining Lenovo’s powerful and versatile 2U two-socket ,System x3650 M5 servers with SanDisk SSDs and VMware all-flash Virtual SAN organizations can now deploy an all-flash solution at a much lower cost than a traditional all-flash storage array. The consistent high performance of this all-flash Virtual SAN design is a compelling choice for running business-critical applications .and databases at a lower cost basis compared to a traditional all-flash storage array.

To find out more about this solution, recently showcased at VMWorld in Barcelona, download the full solution brief:

All-Flash VMWare Virtual SAN

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