8 Great Reasons to Upgrade to Veritas NetBackup 8

Data-securityYou know that Veritas NetBackupTM provides world class data protection across cloud, physical and virtual environments. It is the only vendor that has been recognised by Gartner, Inc. in the “Leaders” quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software positioned since the inception of the report in 19991, and is the #1 market share leader for backup and recovery software for 20152. In fact, it’s so solid that you may have put off upgrading to the latest version. But if you do put it off, you are likely missing out on numerous operational and financial benefits for your business.

Our customers tell us the NetBackup Platform routinely delivers near 100% backup and recovery success rates across enterprise workloads and has eliminated the need for point products along with their many associated costs and risk. Managing enterprise data protection on a single platform reduces the staggering complexity through a unified solution built on a highly scalable, converged NetBackup Software and Veritas NetBackupTM Appliances.

The latest version – Veritas NetBackup Platform 8.0 – delivers unified data protection for organisations of all sizes, with proven enterprise-class scale, high performance, extensive workload integration, and self-service. No matter where data resides, NetBackup is trusted today in small to the largest and most complex heterogeneous environments. If you are several versions behind, there are even more benefits to upgrading. Here are eight reasons you should upgrade:



According to IDC, by the end of 2017, two-thirds of the CEOs of Global 2000 companies will have digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy3. Organisations today need to manage their data as a critical asset, and an enterprise data management strategy is no longer a nice to have, but an imperative. NetBackup goes beyond backup and delivers a foundation for enterprise data management. Beginning with 8.0, unique Veritas integrations provide that foundation for Veritas 360 Data ManagementTM enabling global data visibility, simplified recovery orchestration and integrated copy data management.

  • NEW! Global Data Visibility: Direct integration between VeritasTM Information Map and NetBackup provides an immersive visual experience that allows users to easily gain insight into their organisation’s unstructured information. Tightly integrated to leverage the global metadata capabilities of NetBackup, enterprises can now optimise information storage, get more out of their investment, and identify areas of risk, waste, and value.
  • NEW! Predicable Resiliency: Direct integration between VeritasTM Resiliency Platform (VRP) and NetBackup provides single-click disaster recovery orchestration for complex environments involving large numbers of virtual machines or multi-tier applications. Veritas Resiliency Platform makes it easy to orchestrate NetBackup restore operations so that entire sites can be recovered quickly.
  • NEW! Integrated Copy Data Management: Direct integration between Veritas VelocityTM and NetBackup leverages NetBackup data copies for uses beyond recovery. Through integration with Veritas Velocity, other data users can conveniently and safely provision their own data copies for testing, development, analytics, or other uses, and help reduce the cost and risk of too much data copy proliferation.


Cloud is a key element in transforming to a digital business. And businesses are adopting cloud at a rapid pace, with IDC predicting a CAGR of 15% for cloud IT infrastructure reaching $53.1B by 20194 . Already rich with a host of integrated cloud connectors, NetBackup is used every day by tens of thousands of global enterprises to protect multiple data centers including those in the cloud. Now, NetBackup further simplifies cloud data protection with single-click integrations for all major public and private cloud storage providers.

  • NEW! NetBackup integrated cloud connectors for Microsoft® Azure, OpenStack® and more – Microsoft® Azure, OpenStack®, Oracle® Cloud Platform, IBM® Softlayer®, and SwiftStackTM have been added to the growing list of integrated cloud connectors that already include AWS® S3, Google, S3 cloud storage providers, Hitachi, and many more. NEW! NetBackup Amazon AMI – It’s easier than ever to extend enterprise-class data protection for workloads you spin up in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) cloud services infrastructure. With NetBackup now available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) you can leverage the cloud with enterprise confidence.


Whether VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V, or a multi-hypervisor environment consisting of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of VMs, NetBackup is ready for your environment. Combining King of Scale performance with intelligent policies to ensure automated, “set-and-forget” VM protection, NetBackup helps meet the most demanding SLAs, and achieve near 100% backup and recovery success rates.

  • NEW! Accelerator for Microsoft Hyper-V – Up to 100x faster backup is now available with Microsoft Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) released in Windows Server 2016. Transferring only changed blocks and synthesising new full backups, backup and recovery of Hyper-V virtual machines can now be completed in a fraction of the time.
  • NEW! VMware vSphere® 6.5 support – Individual VMDK file restores files to the existing virtual machine or to an alternate virtual machine ensures admins only need to restore the data they need. Also new is added support for protection of encrypted VMs.


The corporate workplace gets more decentralised each year, and according to Forrester more than half of remote offices need to backup their data locally. But branch and remote offices typically lack IT resources to manage these functions. Now with Veritas NetBackupTM Virtual Appliance, remote office data protection just got even easier and more cost effective.

  • NEW! Veritas NetBackupTM Virtual Appliance for Remote Offices – Extends proven NetBackup protection with a virtual appliance hosted within a VMware environment. Whether your organisation has tens or even thousands of remote offices, NetBackup Virtual Appliance dramatically simplifies the deployment and management of backup and recovery services in remote locations.


Most organisations are managing terabytes of data, and a recent study revealed that over 20% are managing more than a petabyte6. Backup appliances provide a turnkey integration, and now, NetBackup Appliance 5330 scales to 687TB (before deduplication) so organisations can more easily keep up with data growth while reducing the backup power and cooling footprint within their data centres.

  • NEW! Expanded NetBackup Appliance 5330 Storage Capacity – Now available up to 687 TB, NetBackup Appliance provides the same incredible performance but now up to 50% more storage. New iSCSI connectivity provides even more flexible storage options, and with enterprise deduplication, NetBackup Appliance easily scales with your business to protect tens of petabytes of data.


It’s been proven time and time again that storage technologies are going to continue to evolve…but IT rarely gets to remove older systems. NetBackup meets this challenge and allows you to leverage the latest storage technologies – including flash or cloud – while continuing to support disk and tape. Best of all, you manage them all from one console.

  • NEW! Enhanced NDMP Backups of EMC® Isilon® Filers – Highly scalable and used for storing massive amounts of data, enhancements to the MSDP stream handler provide improved deduplication rates for Isilon filer backups using NDMP, improving backup performance and reducing storage consumption.
  • NEW! More Integrated Cloud Connectors – Microsoft® Azure, Oracle® Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, and SwiftStack.


IT as a Service is increasingly viewed by CIOs as a way to accelerate business agility and increase customer value creation. Providing timely data access and protection to other business or IT owners is key, but can lead to increased risk if managed in a piecemeal way. With its many native workload integrations, NetBackup provides self-service to Oracle, SQL Server, Hyper-V, and VMware administrators while ensuring the business maintains scalable, unified data protection.

  • NEW! VMware vRealizeTM plugin for NetBackup Self-Service – The new vRealize plugin adds customisable options to NetBackup Self Service allowing VMware users to manage automated policies for backup and recovery to ensure all VMs are protected.
  • NetBackup Self Service enables the enterprise and MSPs alike to offer Backup-as-a-Service solutions powered by NetBackup with customisable portals to let users manage their own backup and recovery.


Most database applications are business or mission-critical and need to be always-on. NetBackup supports an array of features to make sure your business stays up and running. NetBackup supports a wide array of database applications with unique advantages for Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server including:

  • NEW! Veritas NetBackupTM Copilot for Oracle® – Revolutionises self-service backup and recovery of Oracle databases and integrates directly into RMAN and allows Oracle DBAs to manage backups on their own schedule, maintain visibility across all storage tiers, and recover from any available copy.
  • NEW! Veritas NetBackupTM Accelerator for Oracle® – Designed to meet the need for faster backup, recovery, and Oracle SLA performance. Provides “incremental forever” backup method by leveraging Oracle® Incremental Merge technology without scripting negates the need to impact the environment by running a full backup job on an ongoing basis.
  • NetBackup Intelligent Policies for Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases – This feature radically simplifies database protection and management through the automatic discovery and protection of 1000s of database instances. Check-box backup policies and granular scheduling create dynamic backup scripts eliminates time consuming manual scripting reducing both cost and risk.


The ‘always on’ nature of digital business also demands the removal of the artificial barriers between these frequently siloed capabilities, to reduce complexity, streamline operations, and benefit from synergies that otherwise are not achievable. By leveraging the global capabilities of the NetBackup Platform, you can maximise your data protection investment while providing unique integrations such as copy data management and recovery, surface actionable insights that help you make better decisions, single-click recovery orchestration when time matters. With advanced enterprise data management solutions, Veritas enables you to accelerate your own digital transformation while leveraging an existing investment, and establish a reliable foundation for the future with 360 Data Management.


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