5 Important Questions To Ask Before You Renew Your Backup Software


You have a big decision that has been weighing on you, something that comes up every few years, and now it is handing over head again – should you renew your existing backup software maintenance contract, or is it time to try upgrade to a new platform? This decision is a difficult one because there are so many new options in the market, a myriad of variable to consider, financial implications in an ever-tightening budget scenario and an increasingly dynamic IT environment that it must support, both for today’s needs and the one that will come up over the life of the contract.



To learn morea bout Commvault software, and how it will enable your modern data protection strategy, please visit commvault.com.

Commvault software eliminates the frustrations caused by poorly integrated point products used for data management. Instead it provides the benefits of a modern data management solution build on a single platform that enable you to analyse, replicate, protect, archive, and search data effectively and efficiently from any storage tier, ultimately helping you to lower costs, reduce risk of loss and remove complexity. Before renewing your current backup solution compare how Commvault’s answers to those questions stack up – we think you will be pleasantly surprised by wheat you find.

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