3M Privacy Filters Can Boost Your Sales and Margins

3M Privacy FiltersThe rising concern over privacy and the need to protect personal information has led to surging interest in privacy filters for computer screens and resellers stand to benefit as the trend continues.

The market leader, 3M, has a comprehensive range of over 160 products for almost 40,000 desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

In healthcare, patient confidentiality must be protected at all times, which means displays in public areas, hospital wards and surgeries need to be shielded. In government, the Security Policy Framework (SPF) requires Departments and Agencies to adopt ‘clear computer screen’ policies in areas where sensitive assets are handled, particularly in open plan or shared office areas. Similarly, mobile workers should also ensure their devices are visually protected when working on-the-go.

In schools, examination conditions are regulated by the JCQ guidelines which state that each workstation must be isolated by a minimum space of 1.25 metres, unless they are positioned back-to-back, separated by dividers, or protected by privacy filters.

ISO27001 and other regulations that mean anyone who might be displaying data of a confidential nature must take steps to protect it. The fines that can be levied on organisations that fail to protect information can be huge.

3M privacy filters use advanced micro-louvre blackout technology to block the view of the screen from either side. They simulate tiny venetian blinds, shielding the screen and ensuring that the user gets a straight-on, clear view of the information on screen, while the people to the side only see a darkened display.

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