Save up to 35% on internal printing costs

I would like to introduce you to M2 and the fact that we could help you save up to 35% on the current printing costs across your organisation.

We can help your organisation gain control over print, reducing costs and increasing transparency. By bringing predictability to your print management and intelligent printing, we can work together to achieve that goal.

In recent years, M2 have accumulated an excellent track record with organisations similar to yours, who are making large savings.

We’ve saved Balfour Beatty £9million over the last five years!

We take a consistent approach to reviewing objectives and while a £9million saving isn’t achievable for most organisations, we can maximise your savings based on your own budget.

Here are the objectives Balfour Beatty set:

  • Reduce the cost of print;
  • Rationalise the print supply chain from circa 40 to one main supplier;
  • Gain visibility of the entire print estate;
  • Gain cost transparency;
  • Optimise sustainability;
  • Integrate MPS with IT for both migrating to the new solution and on-going involvement;
  • Introduce MPS best practices.

Imagine gaining visibility of your entire print estate, keeping check of where costs are too high and where reductions can be made. In the first year alone, Balfour saved £791,000, achieving a 24% reduction in paper volume usage from the use of pull printing software.
So who is M2?

M2 is part of the SCC group; Europe’s biggest independent IT provider. We find solutions that blend the use of new and legacy estate so that your business benefits from more flexible and cost-effective print solutions.
No matter how small or large your business is, we are able to flex our service provision to benefit your number of sites. We currently support customers with over 600 locations and anything from 1 to 3,000 devices.

To discover how much in annual benefits you could achieve:

If you have any questions or would like further details, please contact SCC by telephone 0845 351 0986 or email [email protected]

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