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The way we work has undergone a seismic shift. Organisations have rapidly accelerated the adoption of remote working with solutions from Microsoft Teams to Town Hall events in an effort to achieve the benefits a work-from-anywhere strategy can deliver. Not only does this represent a shift in technology but also in culture, with remote working set to replace the office environment indefinitely.

This is why a collaboration strategy will be even more critical in the post-COVID-19 era. It is apparent that we are now experiencing the largest remote working trial in history and organisations are having to react and adapt quickly or risk being left behind. Organisations have an amazing opportunity to take the best of home working and office culture – but creating the right environment is a complex task. Using the right apps & tools is critical. Decisions are now being made about the adoption of permanent home working or a hybrid model that enables flexible working whilst maximising productivity.

The challenges

As we evaluate any sort of return to normality organisations will be planning how to manage the safe return to work of their people. Collaboration tools will play a major part in these discussions now and in the future.

Different organisations will face different decisions depending on which point of their journey they are on. For some, simple adaption with revised workflow’s will be enough, others will need strategies to leverage existing investments and for some this will provide an opportunity to replace ageing technologies that no longer are fit for purpose. These decisions are even more crucial during an economic downturn.

Our expertise and solutions can help ensure the maximum return on every investment is made for your organisation. Also, as one of only a handful of Microsoft FastTrack partners in the UK we can help utilise funding to guide you on your journey.

Our customers

Trusted to deliver IT solutions across Europe

“SCC have been a trusted IT partner to the Co-op for more than decade and have great experience and knowledge across all aspects of IT. SCC are currently at the heart of our programme to step change our colleague technology estate through the implementation of Windows 10 and Office 365, key changes that will significantly benefit the way in which we support our customers and members.”

Infrastructure and Service Delivery Director
The Co-operative Group

“The nature of our business demands a close attention to detail and achievement of deadlines plus a need for flexibility in the light of changing demands. SCC currently meet our expectations as a partner and provision the necessary assistance on a day to day basis. They also work with us on planning future operations and responses to the IT demands of the MBDA business.”

Information Management C S & I IT Operations Manager

“From assisting us with hosting our major ERP investment, through the rollout of Microsoft Office to our 9,000 users, SCC have taken a professional and detail orientated approach to each and every challenge we have set them. We trust their advice, their judgement and their processes.”

Group IT Services Director
Grafton Group

Key services

1. Culture

With the modern workplace now becoming a generic play on working from anywhere, how have you and your organisation adapted to the new norm? The next generation of workforce is coming through and they don’t work 9-5 in an office, they require access 24x7x365 to information.  Many organisations have been slow to react to this trend and will be left behind and seen by employee’s as not having the right culture for the modern age.

2. Remote Working

Unfortunately organisations have had to react very quickly since the outbreak of COVID-19, with over 75% of UK based workforces working from home on a regular basis. Simple technologies that allowed occasional remote working, have now gone through a rapid and robust transformation. VPN’s alone are no longer an adequate way of working, virtual instances of the corporate desktop are now needed to ensure data stays compliant and is readily accessible from any device, irrespective of where they are and what they have. SCC’s solutions enable organisations to stay GDPR and data compliant, whilst allowing granular access to wide and varied information.

3. Tools & Apps

Creating the right environment isn’t as simple as sticking a few pieces of infrastructure together to create a single solution. Using the right tools, methodology and skills is now more and more relevant. SCC can help you through the minefield of solutions that are out there, creating the right strategic roadmap to ensure you are consolidating, simplifying and deduplicating effort and solutions across your IT infrastructure.

4. Payment Solutions


5. Professional Services



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