ServiceNow Practice

Delivering Positive IMPACT.

SCC has taken the ServiceNow global cloud platform and delivered positive IMPACT for businesses across the UK. This is how we’ve done it:


Ensuring successful deployment

Whether you’re looking at the ServiceNow platform as a new business investment, a new product on your existing platform, or an integration with other business critical solutions, we can bring you our ServiceNow Blueprint Implementation Service to ensure success through effective deployments.



Delivering best practice to complement ServiceNow

Ensure you’re always compliant with best practice, your platform is ‘upgrade ready’ and the configuration is always aligned with your business needs and strategy. Our Managed Service complements and builds on the standard ServiceNow cloud platform enabling you to maximise the value of your investment.



Helping realise your investment

Whether your implementation has stalled, you’re over budget and not realising expected ROI or the business expectations are not being met, we can help you get things moving again. We’ll help you realise your investment, deliver on your original business objectives, and ensure that ServiceNow delivers the value you predicted at the outset.



Skills, experience and support is always available

Benefit from a wealth of skilled and experienced ServiceNow professionals that are available to assist you with specific projects or deliverables to help you achieve your business goals.

Whether you’re looking for a Business Analyst to help you define requirements, a Developer to help you deliver new functionality, a Designer to help you to ensure your solutions are sound or a Project Manager to drive forward your programme of work; we’re here to support you.

Our people are all experienced in the implementation and operation of the ServiceNow platform. We’re available to augment your team, bring in a new skillset or expand the delivery capacity of your current resources.



A helping hand throughout your delivery

Take advantage of ServiceNow global cloud platform and product solutions, combined with our experienced consultative approach to IT solutions that are right for your business.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your business processes, introduce new solutions or develop your strategic roadmap, our consultants have the expertise to deliver both operational and strategic consultancy focused on outcomes that are right for you.

Our consultants are not just focussed on the delivery of solutions, they also bring with them years of ‘real world’ experience, delivering operational IT, implementing ‘best practice’ processes and driving operational efficiencies.



More than just ServiceNow

We enable you to enhance your end user experience and operational performance, through our ability to expand your ServiceNow capability.

For example, we can deliver solutions that integrate your business telephony and ServiceNow platform so that the solutions work in harmony with each other. This creates a unique set of capabilities generating operational efficiencies. Through the integration, we ultimately improve the end user experience.

Furthermore, we can configure web chat translation solutions to your ServiceNow platform, allowing for agents to converse in other languages. This enables better problem resolution and user experience through real-time translation.

Finally, we have TrinITy, a next generation Virtual Agent. TrinITy enables you to access our Blueprint knowledge directly, allowing for the efficiency and advantages in scale and growth, which can be deployed across any ServiceNow platform to bring highly automated and AI driven interactions.

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Choose the right partner

Our approach to working with you will make the most of your business investment.

We will guide you through the process, so you can make the right decisions.

SCC is a ServiceNow partner and knows how to deliver their platform and products, together with an experience of delivering innovative IT solutions.


Choose the right solution for your business

We get you to the right outcome faster by offering you the right deployment model for your business. Whether you need a dedicated environment, domain, Blueprint Service or many custom processes, we ensure the right solution is achieved.


Benefit from our experience

Benefit from a wealth of business solution delivery experience, ensuring you optimise your ServiceNow Investment.


Proof of concept: tailored preview before implementation

Preview what your solution looks like before it’s implemented, helping you understand how the service will work for your business. Simply put, this will fast track your deployment giving you immediate access to proven business processes.

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