Innovating workplace productivity in the public sector

With public sector funding tighter than ever, organisations need to get the most out of their workforce. Here, we look at how technology can improve the output of public sector workers UK workers produce less per hour than their equivalents in France, Germany and the US, according to research conducted by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The public sector employs approximately 5.4 million people across the UK and productivity in this vast workforce is low. But thankfully, technology is offering solutions to increase production.  

Hardy hardware

The public sector is still saturated with legacy IT – rigid on-premise systems that are problematic and costly to maintain and improve. In fact, a statistic from Global Data suggested that 64% of public sector IT spend is consumed by legacy IT. These obsolete systems are going to effect speed and efficiency, causing employees to become frustrated, demotivated and disinterested. Employees need IT they can rely on, that won’t hold them back from doing their job.  

Supply chain services

You can take away the headache of installing new devices and disposing of old ones by utilising supply chain services. At SCC, our experts can advise you on the right hardware to suit your needs. We work with organisations to reduce the cost of end-to-end IT procurement, by dealing with more than 1,000 suppliers, and will bench and build devices, reducing time-to-desk and place a higher focus on core business activities. Your old devices will then be taken away and refurbished, remarketed or securely disposed of, to Government-approved security standards, meaning you don’t have to worry about data security. Once these new devices come to their end-of-life, SCC can remind you and do the whole process again, keeping public sector staff working on the best devices.

To get the most from your employees, you need to consider long-term IT investments


Improved communication

With the right hardware in use, now you can focus on installing the software to help employees further. Communication is vital to improving productivity; the cost of miscommunication is estimated to cost a business $62.4 million per year, which is why public sector organisations should invest in the right communication software. The market now offers a range of advanced technological solutions for all businesses, such as team messengers and video conferencing apps, including the innovative BlueJeans.  


Cloud video conferencing software BlueJeans differentiates itself from the competition with its unique features such as real-time metrics, one touch connectivity and custom branding. More and more meetings are unconventional, with at least one participant dialling in through video conferencing software; so having the best solution available means getting more from your employees’ time. BlueJeans offers high quality video and audio for up to 150 participants – making collaboration easy. It also compromises enterprise-centric features and extra layers of security, vital for public sector organisations.  

More input for more output

To get the most from your employees, you need to consider long-term IT investments. Having the right hardware, with software that enables easier working, is guaranteed to encourage staff to work to their potential. Not only does it supply the tools they need, but illustrates the value you have for them. <!–We help public sector organisations with all aspects of digital transformation, to bring out the best in employees. Click here to find out more–>

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