Delivering Risk Prioritisation for the NHS

The Cybersecurity threats, and ongoing risks facing the NHS are increasingly complex and sophisticated. Sadly, this complexity can increase with every solution and innovation being deployed to deliver improvements to care or increase efficiencies. In this landscape, already served by a myriad of technical tools and an ever increasing number of alerts, prioritisation becomes key. This can apply to the activity of both your teams and of your suppliers – as you look to ensure and maintain a safe and secure landscape for both patients and clinicians. Not only do the correct decisions always need to be made with the resources to hand, but organisational priorities need to be set with a unified view between areas that can traditionally be silos. The traditional IT department, the medical device management function and other areas need to be considered jointly to create and prove a clinically led risk reduction in a way that can be supported by the CCIO, CCSO and the rest of the executive team. SCC Health have brought together a unique proposition for the NHS, to help to manage and stratify risks across both traditional IT security and Medical IoT – backed by our extensive cyber security practice. Using an integrated platform and partnering with CCOM2 and Medigate we provide a clinically led risk stratification across your entire estate, mapped back your care pathways and the operational activities you perform day to day. In simple terms, we can guide you to consistently find the highest priorities and identify the true impact they will have on your risk position, in way that goes far beyond a simple CVSS score. This creates a tailored, actionable and presentable plan that can be used at all levels of the organisation. To find out more, and to receive a complimentary copy of the independent 2022 best in KLAS report for medical IoT vendors, and a detailed overview of how to manage and measure Clinical, Operational, Reputational and Financial risks effectively please fill in the form below to download, and a member of our executive team will be in touch to discuss.

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