SCC and HP: Reinventing education for tomorrow’s professionals

The pressure on educational institutions to deliver more timely, relevant, and convenient information with fewer resources requires greater efficiency. Students expect a technology environment that enables mobility, flexibility, and fast access to curricula and other critical information. Teachers and faculty expect a technology environment that enhances the teaching process and eliminates administrative burdens. They want easy and fast access and exchange of information to accelerate research and facilitate collaboration. For students and teachers to thrive in our digital society, education must take an evolutionary leap. Educational institutions around the world rely on HP’s educational solutions, delivered in partnership with SCC, to help them reduce costs, improve their effectiveness, and gain competitive advantage.

HP education solutions

HP has committed to enabling better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025. Whether learning from home or in the classroom, HP education solutions offer content, curricula, and collaboration tools to unlock the potential of every student.

  • School leaders value the technology innovation and blended learning approaches enabled by HP Education Solutions.
  • IT administrators have peace of mind knowing that students will be using devices rugged enough for rigorous use with long-lasting batteries
  • Teachers are empowered to create collaborative instructional environments that engage students at all levels while keeping the class on task
  • Students love using the latest technology that reflects their life outside of school and adapts to a variety of learning activities.

HP Z workstations

HP Z Workstation solutions can transform schools into dynamic digital campuses that capture the attention and minds of students and faculty alike, spurring them to further institutional success. HP Z Workstations deliver the performance your school needs to run professional software applications at a price that’s right for an educational budget. They are designed to be more reliable and longer lasting than PCs, built for the demands of a professional world – and educational labs. These tailored, fully integrated solutions can help you:

  • Improve cost savings and efficiencies – capture information and integrate data into workflows that streamline processes and drive educational goals.
  • Drive collaboration – enable quality interactions between individual students and teachers through always-on, always connected teaching and learning.
  • Advance innovation – enable breakthrough learning experiences through innovative products and services designed to differentiate your educational environment.

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Why SCC and HP?

SCC has over 30 years’ experience working with public sector organisations. Our depth of experience, knowledge and insight has allowed us to develop a deep appreciation of the key challenges faced by our customers in higher education. We work closely with higher education customers to creating compelling student experiences and creating a competitive edge through ongoing innovation and technical evolution. HP is driving thought leadership in higher education and linking technology for blended reality with next-generation teaching, learning, and research. Holding the highest level accreditation across HP, SCC has maintained a long standing relationship as one of the largest partners across EMEA. Together SCC and HP deliver world class device solutions optimising workplace productivity and improving collaboration.

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