SCC and HPE: Leading digital transformation in the aviation industry

Digital transformation has already revolutionised the aviation industry, with innovative new business models rapidly transforming core and non-core functions for early adopters. Partnerships with technology solutions providers such as SCC And HPE are driving overall corporate strategies – with IT taking a much bigger role than ever before at the boardroom table. Many are realising the vision of being among the most preferred airlines, improving customer satisfaction, and supporting sustainable profits – and recognising the importance of digital transformation to achieving this. In the UK, SCC and HPE are driving this digital transformation for some of Europe’s leading airlines and airport groups; we’ve been the partner of choice for British Airways for 25 years. And through three clear strategic objectives SCC and HPE are looking to share our passion, ambition and vision to become the number one for smart digital technology and services for infrastructure solutions in the aviation sector. In partnership with airlines and airport groups, we foster collaborative relationships to drive outcome based digital transformation. Our long-term partnerships are underpinned by passion and a well-established service delivery capability to deliver operational improvements at scale. We are experienced in aviation, known for innovation, and can support aviation organisations through their digital transformation journey, from infancy. We have a clear ambition to help as much as the aviation industry as possible transform their business into an operation that offers the very best passenger experience and harnesses technology to continuously improve. We create strategic partnerships and work together with customers to understand their ambition and share knowledge. Through awareness of digital initiatives and ‘the art of the possible’ in aviation, SCC and HPE help to increase collaboration and efficiency, whilst reducing carbon and creating sustainable value. Our vision is to help airlines and airports enable higher productivity and reduce risk through the delivery of comprehensive, secure digital collaboration platforms. Together, SCC and HPE are driving transformation through innovation the in the aviation sector. If you’d like to hear how, and what SCC and HPE can help you achieve, please email [email protected]
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