Financing IT to make significant savings on hardware in logistics

When looking to outsource the management of its entire IT estate in 2016, one of the UK’s leading logistics companies partnered with SCC to deliver a solution comprising the procurement, imaging, configuration, management and disposal of laptops, whilst making substantial savings on the cost of ownership by leasing the hardware. By selling its IT hardware and leasing back on bespoke terms of between 12-36 months, the business took its first steps to having its entire estate funded on a managed service, freeing up its internal IT team to focus on strategic development rather than day-to-day IT operations such as the configuration, delivery and maintenance of laptops. The business also saved a significant amount on total cost of ownership, with 1,200 hardware devices leased back retaining a residual value of 10%, making it more cost-effective to lease equipment rather than own it and enabling more working capital to be kept within the business. Additional savings include the cost of disposal at the end of the asset lifecycle, which is included in the managed service delivered by SCC, and four years on the business is about to embark on another refresh of its estate.
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