Six ways to guarantee your business thrives in the new normal


Employees are slowly returning to the office, and they are bringing a whole set of expectations with them. If you want to make the return to the office a success, it’s time to listen to your employees’ expectations, and to start building the employee-centric workplace.

Here, we’ve compiled six ways to guarantee your business thrives in the new normal.

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1. Adapt and change

To adapt your business to the everchanging world of work, you need a talented workforce and the digital tools to make it all happen. Meetings are at the nucleus of your workplace and communication strategy, and that’s where Barco technology can help. Barco’s visualisation and collaboration solutions for meeting room, boardroom, huddle spaces, conference room, training room, experience centre, townhall lobby and auditorium help your enterprise benefit from your number one competitive advantage – human engagement.

2. Listen to your people

According to research by Barco, almost 3 out of 4 employees agree that their company has made certain technology investments to enable the post-COVID way of working. However, over 40% believe that the company has not prioritised the right investments needed for better hybrid collaboration. Future-ready employers who are serious about attracting the best talent and creating a flexible work culture understand that what matters is not only what a workplace looks like, but also how it works. The user experience will therefore have an increasingly bigger part in technology purchasing decision. Nobody likes to read the manual before setting up a meeting. Instead, we rely on the intuitive nature of our technology. And yet, our research shows that we are not there yet. 65% of employees still struggle with their technology, for example when trying to figure out different set-ups when moving between meeting rooms. Employers who will base their investment decisions on employee feedback will probably have the best chance of success.

3. Foster a culture of collaboration

Having collaboration devices that can follow us wherever we go has knocked down the walls of the workplace. Our desk can now sit in places that we wouldn’t have thought possible – on trains, in airport lounges, sat in cabs, and at home. This has added a new way to do business and also created a new type of employee – the mobile worker. Collaboration between mobile workers is crucial in any business context. It’s all about connecting people, joining the conversation and making the sharing of information seamless. It’s changing the workstyle of your biggest assets – your people. That’s where Barco’s wireless presentation and conferencing solutions for meeting rooms step in. Enjoy more secure, enterprise-grade and worry-free collaboration in all your company’s meeting, conference, huddle and training rooms.

4. Rethink the physical office

Office meeting spaces, or conventional gathering places will still be important for business in the new normal. This means that seamless connectivity to physical meeting and huddle spaces within the workplace is imperative, to help facilitate real-time collaboration between remote and ‘in situ’ workers. The lessons learned from the experience of working from home during a lockdown offer an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the physical workplace. It’s time to rethink: How we meet and collaborate – Make sure that our hybrid workforce – in-house and home office workers – can meet, present and collaborate in the most effective way. How we engage and impress visitors – Win the hearts and minds of our visitors and employees walking through the lobby How we inspire and communicate with audiences – Communicate to our in-house and remote workforce in the most engaging way and make an impact on a global audience.

5. Set the scene for productivity

A smart workplace can also improve the impact an organisation has on the environment and its people. Workspaces shouldn’t feel like a compromise for employees who also work from the comfort of their home. To that end, modern workplace strategies need to consider the ‘mental space’ – an environment that promotes wellbeing through careful consideration of features such as lighting, temperature and CO2 levels. Do not underestimate the positive effect a well-placed shrub or green ‘living wall’ can have on employee productivity.

Barco ClickShare

6. Use Barco Technology, delivered in partnership with SCC

Now more than ever, the ability for people to collaborate seamlessly and for businesses to deliver best-in-class user experience (UX) is critical. Collaboration brings innovative ideas together and technology can help enable this by making it easier to share thoughts and work together irrespective of where they are. SCC puts UX at the centre of everything we deliver. We recognise that employees have high expectations, most having access to devices at home that are well beyond typical corporate device specification. You know the requirements of your employees, board members and guests. Together, SCC and Barco can design the optimal solution that creates your desired impact. As one of the few manufacturers in the market to offer all main collaboration and visualisation technologies, Barco can provide you with a solution fully tailored to your needs. Combine your content with future-proof and cost-effective technologies for a smarter, efficient workplace – today and tomorrow.

How Barco technology could help your organisation – introducing ClickShare…

ClickShare is a wireless presentation and conferencing system that has completely evolved the way Barco and SCC customers run meetings in an ever more hybrid world. With a click of a button you can turn any room into a hybrid meeting room. In fact, we are convinced that ClickShare would enhance your meeting experience, whether on the go, at home or in the office. That’s why we give you the opportunity to try ClickShare for 30 days, free of charge, without any obligation to buy.

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