SCC & Zoom: Connecting Healthcare Organisations

Success is all about creating meaningful connections. However, when you’re constantly juggling different tools to deliver the optimum patient experience, it can be exhausting for everyone – colleagues and patients alike.

To solve the dilemma, SCC has teamed up with Zoom – the masters of bringing people together.

Powered by AI, Zoom’s latest modular solutions make every interaction frictionless, so that collaboration becomes part and parcel of your business model.

Why SCC and Zoom for Healthcare?

70% of NHS organisations already choose Zoom to deliver care to patients. Whether it is in the form of point-to-point video consultations, or as an omnichannel patient experience, Zoom’s robust and clinically secure platform is the leading choice for healthcare globally.  Zoom has focussed specifically on ensuring it’s industry leading when managing patient safety and clinical risk and is proud to have both DCB0129 and DTAC in place.

The future of patient care is omnichannel, and Zoom is leading the charge. In today’s fast-paced medical world, patients seek multiple touchpoints – be it video, voice or chat. Zoom’s platform ensures that healthcare providers can engage patients seamless on their channel of choice, not as a silo’d solution, but as a platform that is integrated into clinical systems and critical frontline systems that your staff rely on on a daily basis. 

Zoom isn’t just a communication tool for healthcare, it’s an integrative platform with real-time sharing of electronic health records, access of diagnostic data, and seamless patient-data overlays, becoming an essential healthcare companion. 

How UK health organisations use Zoom

Why SCC and Zoom?

Here at SCC, we share a common philosophy with our strategic partner Zoom. Whether it’s between patients, colleagues or with customers, we believe that your online interactions deserve to be as smooth as possible.

Together with other well-known solutions such as Zoom Meetings & Webinars, Zoom is your go-to platform for Unified Communications and Collaboration.

Contact one of our experts today so that we can build a custom-fit solution and get your team talking.

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