SCC & Nutanix For The Planet: A Digital Future, Forged by Nature

Since 2010, the number of internet users has doubled, and unfortunately, our appetite for technology shows no signs of stopping. In a digital world that demands more energy consumption than ever before, time is running out on our capacity to reduce global emissions. Businesses must act now, before it’s too late. And with just a few smart tweaks to your IT architecture, your business can contribute to changing the world and creating a more sustainable digital future. SCC and Nutanix have partnered to try and help make this possible. Together, they’re helping global data centres become more energy efficient, reducing the carbon footprint of the IT industry – one Terawatt hour at a time.

Using Green Data To Reduce Environmental Impact

Responsible for a quarter of emissions across non-industrial organisations and consuming roughly 90TWh of electricity per year, data centres are infamous for their large carbon footprint. But, they also have the power to reduce it. From cloud-powered solutions to using renewable energy, “green data” centres are on the rise. As a pioneer of cloud-generated technology, Nutanix could offer data centres the opportunity to jumpstart their transition to a net-carbon future.

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Why Choose Nutanix?

  • Cutting Edge HCI Technology

Thanks to its pioneering Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, customers could vastly lower their emissions. Plus, there’s an eye-opening potential to save up to 8.06 billion euros in electricity costs between 2022 and 2025. The solution is really quite simple – by requiring less hardware to run traditional workloads, there’s a shrinkage in power usage and cooling. In fact, Nutanix could help towards using 80% less energy and 85% less water than traditional cooling systems. From deploying sustainability solutions with Nutanix, Manchester City Council saw a 90% reduction in rackspace. Similarly, Al Naboodah Group saved around half of their energy, decreasing admin efforts by up to 40%.

  • Smart Design

With Nutanix, customers can effortlessly move data between hybrid cloud spaces thanks to its intuitive design.

  • Simple Web Scale

Using web-scale IT, Nutanix can help businesses handle rapid growth with ease, and automate efficiently.

  • AI and Automation

 IT needn’t cost the earth. Nutanix uses the power of AI to make sure businesses use the exact amount of IT resources at the right time, which means potentially less end-of-life hardware waste.

  • A Climate-Friendly Organisation

Nutanix is the gold standard of a sustainable IT company, pioneering towards optimal energy efficiency. They use natural sunlight and occupancy sensors to conserve energy in their offices, and low flow water fixtures are fitted to prevent large water consumption. Their workspaces also have robust waste recycling programs and sustainable community programs to reduce emissions. Watch the following videos and see how SCC and Nutanix are paving the way to a more sustainable digital future


Why SCC and Nutanix?

At a time when organisations are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, many need the expertise to do so without being overwhelmed. That’s why Nutanix could help deliver future-oriented initiatives such as cloud integration to help businesses go green. As a vital partner of Nutanix, we’re proud to provide the latest innovation from Nutanix to our customers. Talk to your SCC representative for more information on what Nutanix can do for your business.

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