SCC & Microsoft: Skyrocketing Collaborative Potential With the Surface Hub 3

Exceptional collaboration is essential for businesses to thrive in the modern world. While remote, office and hybrid approaches to work can catapult the strength of a team, it can also catalyse a disconnect.

Enter Microsoft’s Surface Hub 3: the ultimate tool for collaboration and unified experiences. Designed to provide end-to-end consistency for organisations with Surface Hubs and Microsoft Teams Rooms, this device makes working together a breeze – no matter where your colleagues are based.

SCC are pleased to continue their ongoing partnership with Microsoft to bring the Surface Hub 3 to your business. Together, we believe in helping people and organisations transform the way they work, using integrated technology as a key enabler.

Streamlined Experiences for Forward-Thinking Businesses

Enhancing productivity should always be a priority, and it’s an easy goal to achieve when supported by the innovation of Microsoft’s Surface Hub 3.

This new device merges the console interface, buttons and screen content on one single hub screen. As a result, colleagues can walk into any Teams Room and enjoy a completely unified, tech-driven experience.

As well as streamlining user experience, management is also made more seamless by Surface Hub 3’s upgrades. In the Teams Admin Center and Pro Management Portal, all devices in your organisation can be managed together for unlimited synchronicity.

Feature-Rich, Power-Packed and Designed to Perform

Surface Hub 3 packs a punch, driven by a range of productivity-focused features for organisations that pride themselves on adaptability and collaboration.

Why SCC & Microsoft?

With a strategic partnership spanning over 30 years, SCC and Microsoft are consistently working together to deliver digital transformation for organisations of all sizes. Our expertise and experience allow us to integrate the latest collaborative solutions into any environment, boosting productivity, manageability and more.

Thinking about incorporating Surface Hub 3 into your organisational set-up? Contact one of our experts at SCC today to take your collaborative potential to the next level.

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