SCC & Logitech Sight: Making Meetings More Inclusive In The Hybrid World

In today’s hybrid working environment, it’s easy for remote meeting participants to find themselves feeling checked out and disengaged, compared to those who are physically present in the boardroom.

After all, video conferences in larger rooms that rely on a single camera, usually fail to give virtual participants enough opportunities to interact.

That’s why SCC has partnered with Logitech to present the most equitable solution yet. Designed for medium-to-large rooms, Logitech Sight brings all participants closer together – no matter where they are.

Giving Remote Attendees A Seat At The Table

As businesses increasingly opt for a hybrid video conferencing setup, it’s important that everybody – both in-person and remote – has a seat at the table.

Logitech Sight has just the solution. By providing a highly responsive front-and-centre view, virtual attendees can see and hear in-room participants more clearly. This helps them feel like they’re actually in the room, and not just side-lined observers.

What Can Logitech Sight Do For Your Meetings?

  • Medium to Large Rooms – Rooms with around 5-10 seats are the perfect environments for Sight. Sight works alongside the front-of-room camera, which may struggle to equally capture all participants.
  • Extra Large and Complex Spaces – Just one Sight can create an equitable camera setup in rooms with 10+ seats, or rooms with a particularly challenging layout.

Click here to learn more and see the Logitech Rally Bar in action. 

SCC & Logitech, Improving the Hybrid Working World Together

The partnership between Logitech and SCC is thanks to their shared philosophy that any space can be used for video conferencing – without leaving anyone behind if they’re tuning in remotely, or sitting at the back of the room.

Wondering how to best adapt to the hybrid working world, and bring your remote workers closer to the office, even when they’re far away? Get in touch with our experts and we’ll help you to design a solution that gives everyone a seat at your table.

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