SCC & Logitech: Fit Out Small Spaces For The Future Of Video Conferencing

Welcome to the new era of work post-pandemic, where hybrid working is the new norm.

And yet, it’s still evolving.

Small rooms and groups of up to six people is now the optimal setup for meetings, rather than larger gatherings. Remote work continues to be embraced, teams are spread across various locations, and every team member deserves to contribute their ideas.

Tech leaders SCC and Logitech have collaborated to offer a solution that transforms any space into a video conferencing hub – the Rally Bar Huddle. This all-in-one video bar is the future of small-group collaboration across all industries.

Making Hybrid Collaboration Effortless

As businesses increasingly opt for a hybrid video conferencing setup, it’s important that everybody – both in-person and remote – has a seat at the table.

Click here to learn more and see the Logitech Rally Bar in action. 

SCC & Logitech: Together, We Go Further

Logitech and SCC share a vision. We believe any space can be used for video conferencing – from the smallest huddle rooms, right through to the biggest conference halls. We believe that no one should be left behind, especially if they’re not tuning in from a distance, or even sitting at the back of the room.

Want to gear your team up for hybrid working, and bring your workers closer together? Contact one of our experts at SCC today, and we’ll help you to draw up a solution that gives everyone the chance to contribute.

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