SCC and Nutanix: Simplify Database Operations

A modern cloud-ready database platform and services for all your databases and workloads, delivering invisible operations, one-click simplicity and automated database lifecycle management.



The Challenge

  Data is one of the most valuable resources in the world. Reliable data can be the key to the development of a new application, helping transform customer experiences, and deriving smart new insights. But for many businesses, efficiently converting it into something of extreme value can be demanding, especially if your databases have become somewhat out of shape. To help you take on this challenge, your databases need to be lean and powerful, for you, and your organisation, to operate effectively.  

The Solution

  Together, SCC and Nutanix enable organisations to run mission-critical databases on a single, secure platform – on-prem or in the cloud. Built from the ground up, we deliver robust, modern, secure, cloud-ready database services for all your databases and workloads, with a consumer grade experience. Providing users with rapid database availability and scale, so you can kick start projects and run demanding workloads and meet the needs of the ‘always-on’ business world  

The Benefits

6x reduction in costs with zero-byte cloning Databases run on traditional/bare metal infrastructure are highly storage intensive. Nutanix can help offset these costs, by up to 6X, with a highly efficient zero-byte cloning capability. 62% reduction in DB operational costs Automation of provisioning, patching, cloning/refreshing and data protection operations help to save time and drive down operational costs. 5x database performance improvement and 10x acceleration in dev/test deployment Nutanix uses intelligent automation to help simplify and streamline these tasks with one-click patching and upgrading that can reduce time take to minutes for patches and less than a day for major upgrades. Simplify and streamline database Nutanix enables administrators to deploy a fully provisioned database in less than an hour so the dev/test team can start their projects without delay.  

SCC and Nutanix

SCC is a Nutanix Cloud Champion with decades of experience in building and maintaining data centre infrastructure for our customers. As public cloud adoption increases, customers are looking to Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a way to bring the scalability and ease of management of public cloud to their on-prem data centre. SCC can help take organisations on this journey.

Certified Nutanix certified technical presales and technical delivery personnel.

Capabilities Strong assessment capabilities, including the ability to run the Nutanix ROI and TCO assessments.

Longstanding Alliances We hold longstanding alliances with Nutanix OEM partners, including HPE, Lenovo, IBM and Dell EMC.

Access to Tools Access to Nutanix tools including X-ray and Xtract to help evaluate customer environments and then migrate VM’s to Nutanix quickly and with minimal disruption.


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