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In business, success depends on everyone bringing their best to the table. When two top-tier organisations join forces in this way, their success is more than doubled. Such is the case with SCC and RingCentral, who partnered at the beginning of 2021.

Combining decades of end-to-end IT experience with a world-class communications product and partner programme, SCC and RingCentral have forged their partnership upon layers of collaboration and trust.

Enabling Seamless Communication for Today’s Businesses

As an end-to-end managed service provider (MSP), SCC provides businesses with everything they need to operate effectively in the modern era of IT. Given the often hybrid nature of today’s organisations, SCC needed to offer an effective method for their clients to communicate with both employees and customers. What’s more, the requirements of SCC’s clients demanded this collaboration solution integrate across their app ecosystem as well.

That’s when they landed upon RingCentral. Not only does RingCentral combine two Gartner-leading products in UCaaS and CCaaS, but its open API allows for expansive integrations across over 6,000 different applications.

According to SCC Collaboration Sales & Marketing Director David Phillips: “I think it’s important when we are bidding for business, being able to integrate into platforms customers have invested a lot of money into, like ServiceNow for instance. A solution that can link those services, simplifying and improving the client experience, is a real tick in the box in tendered responses. RingCentral having that kitbag of APIs that clients can hook into existing systems is really key.”

Additionally, as system integrators, SCC uses RingCentral APIs to do a lot of legwork for their clients behind the scenes, enabling them to get the analytics and other answers they need quickly.

Putting the Partnership First.

Building a business relationship isn’t just about having a good product. In many cases, a vendor will impose strict requirements on the companies they partner with. This can often lead to a lack of collaboration, deteriorating the trust between both parties.

With SCC and RingCentral, however, this is not the case. All of RingCentral’s partnerships are guided by the principles of Channel Harmony.

With Channel Harmony, the partners’ business needs are foremost, with no conflict with direct sales and 100% commission for all parties involved.

Managing Director of SCC Collaboration Graham Fry said. “With RingCentral, we’re aligned from the top down. The channel is in RingCentral’s DNA. We looked at various solutions in the UCaaS sector. With RingCentral, it was clear the direction came from the top, especially compared to other vendors. Everyone we’ve met at RingCentral has told the same story because that’s how RingCentral is built. That came over from day one.”

Phillips continued, “Also important is the effort that people put in to make it work, the communication to keep the trust. Communicating all the time. That really drove it for us. Now, we have consistent communication and constant support. If there has been a problem, I pick up the phone and it gets resolved. This is very much a joint relationship where RingCentral will always work collaboratively with SCC to maintain a true partnership.”

To find out more about the partnership with RingCentral and SCC click here

Collaboration on Both Sides.

That air of collaboration Phillips spoke to rings true for both sides. In the early stages of the partnership, a discrepancy arose in a growing public sector deal that would have been disadvantageous for SCC. The team at SCC reached out to RingCentral, explained their position and how there was potential conflict. In a matter of less than 24 hours, the issue was resolved, and SCC and RingCentral secured the deal together.

“Partnership is shared risk, shared reward,” said Fry, “and we want the deepest relationship possible.”

As a Certified Delivery Partner for RingCentral, SCC leverages their expertise in their customer base and the technology they need to drive conversations with customers. From there, they use that experience even further to act as a mediator between clients and RingCentral to handle legal, billing, and implementation.

RingCentral recognises those skills SCC brings to the table, and follows suit by making the partnership as simple as possible.

“People buy from people, and when we work with RingCentral, it becomes very easy,” Fry said.

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With RingCentral and SCC, the efficacy of the partnership is evident in its outcomes. Working together, SCC recently landed a deal in the range of eight to ten thousand seats, with more opportunities arising out of local government needs. It’s all thanks to the brilliance that both sides bring to the table, and the power of a true partnership.

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