MySQL Enterprise Edition Security

Robust Protection For All Your Data

Data Protection Image With over 89% of organisations admitting they have suffered a data breach, it’s essential that your database security can keep pace with increasingly sophisticated attacks. SCC and MySQL can help.

  • MySQL contains multiple security features to help you minimise risk, protect all your data and facilitate regulatory compliance.
  • MySQL makes it easy for you too – with Secure by Default functionality that ensures MySQL is already in a highly secure state on installation.
  • With great usability and minimal admin, MySQL security doesn’t mean a lot of extra effort for you.

The MySQL Enterprise Edition includes security enhancements that enable organisations like yours to guard against internal and external attacks while complying with the most stringent data protection regulations, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

  • MySQL Enterprise Firewall – helps prevent SQL injection attacks, one of the most common threats
  • MySQL Enterprise Encryption – provides industry standard (asymmetric/public key) encryption
  • MySQL Enterprise Audit – provides policy-based auditing that tracks who does what with which data
  • MySQL Authentication – modules to integrate MySQL with your existing directories, enabling MySQL to use the same user credentials
  • Secure by Default – MySQL is automatically in a secure state upon installation. This is ideal for embedded databases where customers may not know a database is included in the application, or how to secure it.

On top of the huge range of security features in MySQL Enterprise Edition, the new Version 8 delivers even more. For example: MySQL Roles make it easier to manage user and application rights. Data masking and de-identification hides sensitive information. Dynamic privileges restrict IT admin access on a “need-to-know” basis. And there are many more new highlights! Find out how MySQL helps you minimise risk, protect your data and facilitate regulatory compliance. MySQL Enterprise Edition is also certified compatible with multiple Oracle solutions, ensuring easy integration into your Oracle environment. Ensure your MySQL databases are secure – contact SCC today using the form below!

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