The future of hybrid work: tailored collaboration solutions for optimal performance

There are seemingly endless collaboration solutions for the hybrid workplace. Identifying one that will suit all of your organisation’s needs can be tricky. Software brimming with capability will only be as useful as the features you can use. While you could create your own collaboration system using a variety of third-party applications, this will likely end up being cumbersome for your employees, clients, partners and other collaborators. In fact, 68% of workers toggle between at least 10 applications every hour, wasting up to 30 minutes each working day.1 More than simply ticking functionality boxes like enabling your team to make video calls or share documents, the software you choose must integrate with your existing productivity applications and suit the specific needs of your organisation. Plus, it needs to work in the varying locations hybrid workers might find themselves while providing sufficient security. You need a collaboration solution that is built around the end users, their devices, applications and data, as well as your organisation’s needs.  

Understanding your organisational needs

No two organisations are exactly alike. And because businesses are all so different, so are their needs. Although 82% of organisations say that they expect to have more flexible hybrid work policies going forward, what that looks like will vary from place to place.2 The same goes for employees. A majority of workers are keen to maintain their hybrid work model in future, but that model likely means something different to each employee. While one organisation might be looking for a plug-and-play option that advances ease of use, another may want to explore every capability of their video conferencing software. Some employees might need to make phone calls, while others may require cloud-based applications. Understanding these needs and differences, both at an organisational level as well as a broader industry level, opens up the opportunity to create use-case specific solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of your organisation.  

Use-case specific solutions

The challenges of finding an appropriate collaboration solutions for the modern workplace are particularly significant for organisations that work in regulated industries or government. This is where use-case specific solutions come in. The organisation’s needs are identified and the virtual programme runs in parallel to the existing in-person structures used by these entities. Regardless of industry, the top priority remains creating a reliable and consistent meeting experience across all devices, rooms, meeting scenarios and locations. Consulting with a collaborative service provider can achieve this and ensure that you choose and use tools that help you to achieve your key performance indicators. These service providers are able to deliver and support a wide variety of collaboration, audio-visual, videoconferencing and digital media solutions. By putting end users, their devices, applications and data at the centre of service delivery, collaborative services providers are able to build use-case specific solutions to suit your needs.  

A user-centric approach

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a powerful collaboration software for the hybrid workplace that can easily be adapted to provide use-case specific solutions. Teams Rooms enables your people to work together from anywhere. The platform allows for extensive audio-visual integrations and in-meeting utilities. However, many organisations never make full use of these features as they aren’t educated about or trained to use them. Our mission at SCC is to change that outcome. We are a full Microsoft stack retailer that offers and end-to-end service that are centred around your organisation to:

  • Discover your needs
  • Design a use-case specific solution
  • Supply the necessary hardware, software and training
  • Implement fit-for-purpose systems
  • Manage your product
  • Optimise your outcomes
  • Provide ongoing support

Our extensive knowledge and experience around remote and hybrid working enables us to ensure your tech and people are future ready. We develop your team’s skills to ensure they are able to use the tools we provide to achieve your business objectives. We are able to migrate your organisation to the Microsoft ecosystem. Then, we can use Microsoft Teams Rooms to meet you and your organisation where you are in your hybrid work journey and build a truly modern workplace. Request a demo to find out more about how we can assist your organisation. 1“The new app era is here: Now to optimize for it”, Slack. 2“Empower your workforce to thrive in the hybrid work world”, Microsoft

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