SCC’s Microsoft Advanced Specialisations: A label for expertise, success and partnership

Today’s organisations are in need of highly skilled technology partners, able to meet demand more complex than ever before. And so naturally, when making decisions about the companies they choose to work with, they want to understand what unique capabilities set them apart. To make it easier for businesses to find and select the right partner for their needs, Microsoft established Advanced Specialisations to validate its solution partner’s capabilities. Obtaining an advanced specialisation allows us as partners, to showcase our expertise and deliver specialised services and support, according to Microsoft’s highest technical standards. It is also a validation of our deep knowledge, extensive experience, and expertise in specific areas. For these reasons, SCC are incredibly proud to have achieved the following four Advanced Specialisations, in addition to the Change Management and Adoption Specialisation attained last year:  

Threat Protection

By demonstrating our deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success deploying Microsoft Threat Protection, we differentiate our capabilities in proactively protecting and monitoring the security of IP and data to safeguard your business. The Threat Protection Specialisation shows we have the technical expertise to not only protect against threats, but to detect and recover rapidly from security incidents and ever-evolving cyber-attack.  

Information and Governance and Protection

Through attainment of this specialisation we validate our ability to help tailor your data, ensuring insights are captured to drive quick decisions. We’re able to provide expert guidance on implementing effective information protection solutions, with strategic insights that allow you to better manage and mitigate the risks associated with unstructured data—while ensuring compliance with regional regulations such as GDPR. This helps protect your business and increase your organisations security posture amidst a landscape of exponentially increasing volume of data and data mobility.  

Identity and Access Management

This Advanced Specialisation demonstrates how we can increase security through Zero trust principles, supporting your hybrid workforce through user personas based on user type, access required, and location. We can also help deliver Identity workloads with Azure Active Directory, and support you to address the many challenges related to the numerous apps, devices, and users across and outside your corporate network. With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, we can help remotely and identify secure and cost-effective solutions for business continuity.  

Teamwork Deployment

The Teamwork Advanced Specialisation proves our ability to successfully deploy M365 workloads and how we can help your business achieve business value from Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint Online and Yammer. We have the capability to not only manage your licenses, we can support with deployment and onboarding.  

Why choose an Advanced Specialisation Partner

As a customer, you can be entirely sure that an Advanced Specialisation Partner is ready to meet your demand regardless of complexity. Having polished our skills, knowledge, and processes to the highest degree we can guarantee exceptional levels of service quality and reliability. Our Advanced Specialisations are proof that we are experts in our field, and able to unlock further potential to support you through incentives such as the FastTrack Programme. At SCC we’re passionate about becoming our customer’s go-to business transformation partner for life. We strive to do this by providing the highest service levels, accelerating innovation, and continuously driving their digital initiatives. And we won’t stop working towards achieving more Advanced Specialisations as another way to prove this. Ready to put your trust in a partner capable of demonstrating exceptional technical capabilities, and a proven history in delivering customer success? Contact us to learn more.

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