Simplifying the home office setup

The hybrid workplace is here to stay, bringing with it new challenges and obstacles to overcome. A big question many businesses and IT organisations now face is how to support remote teams with technology. Delivered in partnership with SCC, Logitech’s collaboration products are designed to play nicely together, with minimal supervision.

Logi Dock

Working from home shouldn’t be a compromise. Logi Dock is an all-in-one docking station that simplifies home office setup, reduces desktop clutter, and helps remote workers feel more productive. Certified for leading video conferencing platforms and easy to set up, Logi Dock connects everything in one tidy unit that replaces the need for extra peripherals and eliminates a tangle of cables and wires. Logi Dock connects and charges up to five USB peripherals and two monitors, replaces unneeded chargers and power cords, and makes desktop clutter disappear. Whether you use a Mac, PC, or Chromebook, Logi Dock works with laptops that support USB-C with DisplayPort Alt Mode. With USB-C DP or Alt Mode, Logi Dock can provide up to 100W of power to charge laptops and connect video source and display devices such as external monitors. Logi Dock streamlines your home office so you can work more productively.

Features and benefits

Meeting controls

Take advantage of Logi Dock’s calendar integration Logi Tune desktop app required for calendar integration, which supports Office 365 and Google Calendar to instantly join any meeting by simply pressing a button. Press the mute button to quickly turn your own audio on or off. Use the volume controls to turn the speaker up or down. Press Logi Dock’s video button to instantly turn your own camera on or off.

Better audio

The built-in speakerphone includes six beamforming microphones that capture your voice clearly while advanced algorithms suppress unwanted background noise. When you want to switch the audio from Logi Dock’s speakerphone to your personal audio, simply turn on your Zone Wireless headset or insert your Zone True Wireless earbuds. Logi Dock intelligently makes the switch.


Take control of your desk with one simple solution that connects your devices, powers your laptop up to 100W, and reduces the number of chargers, cables, and adapters. Attach up to five USB peripherals and two monitors using USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, and a display port. Pair to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to stream audio.


Charge your PC or Mac through Logi Dock’s USB-C upstream port, which delivers up to 100W of power while safely charging laptops requiring 85W or less, so there’s no need to carry around a power adapter anymore.

No software

Logi Dock uses USB-C with DisplayPort, which natively connects to external monitors and supports dual displays. No need to install drivers or other software as with DisplayLink.


Logitech is committed to creating great customer experiences in ways that are sustainable for the planet and society and that lower our carbon footprint.

SCC and Logitech

The working environment will stay fluid and unpredictable, with widespread homeworking lifted slowly, and at different rates in different locations. During this transition, organisations will provide guidelines that encourage employees to minimise contact with each other if they can avoid it. What was a highly co-located workforce before 2020 will become a constantly changing mix of in-office and remote workers. This will put new demands on IT teams. Together with Logitech, SCC can help you meet these demands and adapt as necessary, as the situation continues to evolve, and videoconferencing replaces teleconferencing and physical meetings as the default way to stay connected.

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