Four of the most innovative Logitech video conferencing solutions

As mask mandates are finally dropped, other byproducts of the pandemic are set to become more permanent. COVID-19 has irrevocably altered the way we conduct business, from the places we work to the way we interact with colleagues. Flexibility is key to the post-pandemic workforce, giving rise to a new era of hybrid-focused hardware and technology. In partnership with Logitech, SCC is proud to provide some of the most cutting-edge video conferencing hardware solutions. Here, we look at four key products that are set to revolutionise the new normal workflow.

Logi Dock

Logi Dock is designed to streamline your home working routine while keeping your desk neat and cable-free. This device makes it easy to connect your laptop to multiple monitors and devices, without the constant mess of cables and dongles. Meanwhile, intuitive in-built technology simplifies your routine and coordinates your calendar, enabling you to join video meetings at the touch of a button. No more fiddling around trying to find mute; you can easily control your audio and camera right on the dock itself. This handy piece of hardware will charge your laptop while you work and features a state-of-the-art speakerphone that captures your voice with clarity while suppressing background noise. Logi Dock is compatible with a range of software and applications, from Office 365 and Google Calendar, to leading video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. Ambient light indicators alert you of notifications and incoming calls, helping you stay organised throughout the day.


Rally Bar

The Rally Bar is one of the best video conferencing devices on the market today. Ideal for modern, multimedia video meetings, it features revolutionary Logitech webcam technology with a lens that automatically detects and frames participants. Video conferencing platforms can be integrated directly on the device, or it can be plugged into any PC or Mac, with easy cable management and mounting options available. AI-powered audio picks up voices from active participants while suppressing ambient sounds. Large low-distortion speakers ensure everyone can be heard clearly, and ultra-HD video throws screen sharing into sharp focus while softening natural skin tones – even in poor lighting conditions. The result is a smooth and coherent video conference that transpires just as effortlessly as its traditional in-person counterpart.

Rally Bar Mini

The regular Rally Bar is ideal for medium-sized rooms, while the Rally Bar Mini features all the same functionalities for smaller spaces. It can be scaled across hundreds of small meeting rooms or huddle spaces, with a single management platform known as Logitech Sync to help you stay on top of all devices.

Tap Scheduler

With people constantly popping in and out of the office, it can be hard to keep up with ever-changing schedules or quickly find the meeting room you need. You can now easily reserve a meeting space with Tap Scheduler – the tablet which takes care of conference room timetables. Complete with versatile mounts, the sleek scheduling panel can be situated outside any room, with built-in cable concealment. Up-close, you’ll find all the details of upcoming meetings on the display. From afar, a red or green LED light on the side panel indicates current availability. Tap Scheduler is compatible with video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, helping remote workers easily join forces with those meeting in person.

SCC and Logitech

The working environment will stay fluid and unpredictable, with widespread homeworking lifted slowly, and at different rates in different locations. During this transition, organisations will provide guidelines that encourage employees to minimise contact with each other if they can avoid it. What was a highly co-located workforce before 2020 will become a constantly changing mix of in-office and remote workers. This will put new demands on IT teams. Together with Logitech, SCC can help you meet these demands and adapt as necessary, as the situation continues to evolve, and videoconferencing replaces teleconferencing and physical meetings as the default way to stay connected.

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