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Infrastructure Modernisation with IBM’s Power10

Businesses need a new way of consuming compute capacity to support mission critical environments while executing digital transformation agendas. The new generation of IBM Power servers will support enterprise hybrid cloud platforms by providing friction-less consumption models across on-and off-premises with differentiated performance, security, serviceability and cost of operation.With every generation of Power Systems, IBM are introducing new and enhanced capabilities that will benefit our customers, running your environments on the latest technology with advanced capabilities, less resources and better security will further improve your TCO. You need IBM Power, delivered in partnership with SCC.

The challenge

Your IT needs to be modernised to meet the challenges of today while staying ahead of your needs – but business requirements move faster than IT budgets to invest in new infrastructure. This requires an infrastructure platform that efficiently scales to meet demand, protects your applications and data with pervasive and layered defence, and enables you to transform data into insights quickly. This operational agility and flexibility is a top priority for current CEOs. In fact, in an IBM Institute for Business 2021 CEO study it was chosen over 37% more than any other factor. Being able to reconfigure, modernise, and adapt to changing demands is a key requirement for todays’ systems infrastructure.

The solution

IBM Power10 generation of servers are designed to make technology consumption a frictionless experience. With Hybrid Cloud Credits, enterprises can procure pay-per-use capacity that can be deployed across Power Private Cloud and Power Virtual Server co-located with IBM Cloud. The architectural consistency across these environments gives the flexibility to deploy where you want and when you want without requiring additional middleware or application refactoring. IBM Power E1080, the first in a generation of servers built on Power10 processor, is engineered for agility. Scale core operations and AI applications across your hybrid cloud while significantly reducing your data centre footprint. The IBM Power E1080 delivers end-to-end encryption and extreme scale for your business-critical applications.

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The benefits:

Respond faster to business demands

The Power10 processor enables more efficient scaling without requiring energy or footprint increases. Power Private Cloud with dynamic capacity now includes metering of Red Hat OpenShift in addition to Linux, AIX, and IBM i environments for flexible consumption consistently across public, private and hybrid cloud.

Protect data from core to cloud

Support end-to-end encryption across hybrid cloud using memory encryption at the processor level — without management overhead or performance impact. And protect from future threats with support for post-quantum cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption.

Streamline insights and automation

Now you can extract new insights faster from enhanced in-core AI inferencing capability in every server. Securely extract insights from your most sensitive data where it resides, eliminating the time and risk of data movement.

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Harness the full power of your IT infrastructure with IBM Power E1080 and an IBM Garage Workshop

Infrastructure modernisation is a critical component of digital transformation. Find the systems that give you the flexibility and performance you need for on-premises IT or hybrid cloud applications with the IBM Garage. With IT expertise and leading-edge IBM Systems technology, IBM Garage offers diverse IT-focused opportunities that include workshops and systems solutions based on IBM’s core human-centric IBM Garage Methodology – all designed to help clients strengthen and expand the value of their IT infrastructure.

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SCC is the only IBM platinum and Red Hat premier business partner in the UK. Our 40+ year partnership has enabled us to bridge the gap between business needs and technology to deliver world-class solutions. From IBM’s technology to its people and vision, we work with our customers to deliver the strongest, most agile solutions. With a specialist dedicated IBM team, we are the go-to partner, helping our customers plan, integrate and manage their projects, with the capability to resell IBM’s entire portfolio, including software, storage, servers, services and mainframe.


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