Power Systems for Oracle Databases

Automating the enterprise.

As we navigate today’s economy, one thing is clear: organisations are looking to drive digital innovation while seeking new levels of service partnerships built on risk sharing, innovative pricing, and rapid ROI. SCC and IBM have partnered to enable more cost effective, more flexibile, self-service capabilities, and agility to deploy at speed with IBM Power Systems for Oracle Database.

Supporting your most important workloads

For many IT leaders, modernisation is a constant focus and an ongoing challenge. With enterprise software deployments such as Oracle database, there are several things that need to be considered when contemplating the next generation of servers that will support your most important workloads. IBM Power Systems are uniquely positioned to maximise availability and security, minimise costs and allow flexibility to adapt to your cloud strategy. Availability and Security – IBM Research finds the average cost of a security breach to be $4M USD. IBM Power Servers have ZERO security vulnerabilities reported in PowerVM. Cloud – IBM Power Systems have deployment options for wherever you are on your cloud journey. With built in, cloud-like capabilities, on-prem with self-service, instant provisioning, elasticity, scalability, and seamless integration into your chosen public cloud environment you have the freedom and flexibility to choose, adapt and change as your business needs do. Economics – Oracle software licensing and maintenance makes up the largest part of the overall TCO of any solution. This is driven by number of cores used. IBM Power Systems use less cores and drive better performance using PowerVM. This means less Oracle software licenses and recurring maintenance costs.

Solutions for Oracle Databases, RAC, and Applications

Enterprise Servers – Enterprise-scale servers designed for the most demanding Oracle Database and RAC workloads running on AIX. Run the world’s largest Oracle Database environments or mix and match OLTP and Analytics workloads. Scale-out servers – Powerful, flexible, built to handle mission critical Oracle Database and RAC workloads in a small form factor. Provides a foundation for hybrid cloud, modernisation, and twice the performance per core versus x86. AIX for Oracle workloads – Oracle Database customers have been leveraging the flexibility, mission critical and security capabilities of AIX and PowerVM for 35 years. Increase uptime and decrease TCO. Support statement for Oracle Database running on IBM systems – Oracle has a newly published document that confirms their continued commitment to the 80,000 IBM Systems customers, both AIX for Power and Linux on Z. To learn more about Oracle Databases running on IBM systems, please read the statement here.

To download the SCC and IBM Power systems for Oracle Factsheet click here

Upgrade to POWER9

Now is the time to upgrade your Oracle Database environment to IBM POWER9 servers. With higher performance, better throughput, and faster response time, coupled with full support from Oracle for hard partitioning, POWER9 servers will improve your TCO for running Oracle software across your enterprise. Now, IBM has a new flexible trade-up offer that will allow you to move off your older POWER server to a POWER9 with a simplified path to POWER10. You pay a single monthly payment, and after 33 months, you can trade up to POWER10 and continue to pay the same monthly price, including warranty. It will save you up to 23% over purchasing, allow you to benefit from up to 42% POWER10 performance improvement, and we will give you 3 months transition period with both POWER9 and POWER10 on your floor – but with one monthly payment yet.

Download the SCC and IBM Power Systems upgrade factsheet


Why SCC and IBM?

For over 35 years customers have relied on IBM Power Systems to deploy their Oracle Database workloads. A combination of the highest performance and scalability servers, highest availability Operating System in AIX, and best-in-class security all combined with adherence to Oracle hard partitioning policy offers customers a winning platform for Oracle Database. SCC has partnered with IBM for almost 40 years, bridging the gap between business needs and technology to deliver world-class solutions. From IBM’s technology to its people and vision, we work with our customers to deliver the strongest, most agile solutions. With a specialist dedicated IBM team, we are able to offer that extra support needed when helping our customers plan, integrate and manage their projects. Click here to read more about Power Systems for Oracle Database


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