Invest in Data. Save on Storage


IBM Storage Digital Platform: Invest in Data. Save on Storage

Getting to the right solution faster and through a simplified process is exactly what your organisation needs, especially in today’s world. IBM Storage Digital Platform is an innovative online platform, enabling easy access to IBM storage solutions. Data is the new currency for business. It connects you to your existing customers, helps you reach new customers and build strategies for customer growth further down the track. It allows you to optimise and redistribute spend to ensure it’s going where it needs to. When you have something this valuable, you need to keep it in the safest place you can – out of danger, yet still accessible and without it costing the earth. IBM Storage Digital Platform offers you the opportunity to review configurations, transparent prices, choose between multiple payment plans and take advantage of some exciting new offers.

IBM Flash System 5000

The new IBM FlashSystem Family with award winning Spectrum Virtualise software baked in offers storage innovation for any size business. IBM Flash System 5000 provides hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure solutions that yield the greatest ROI over the long term by choosing components that both serve your organisation’s needs today and are flexible and ready for whatever emerges next.

IBM Price Match

If you have a lower price proposal for a system that is similar to any of the IBM FlashSystem 5000 products, IBM will offer the same price for the corresponding IBM FlashSystem 5000 configuration.

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SCC has partnered with IBM for almost 40 years, bridging the gap between business needs and technology to deliver world-class solutions. From IBM’s technology to its people and vision, we work with our customers to deliver the strongest, most agile solutions. With a specialist dedicated IBM team, we are able to offer that extra support needed when helping our customers plan, integrate and manage their projects.


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