Introducing the SCC and IBM Engagement Centre

Discover the power of SCC and IBM solutions in our handy, one-stop-shop online platform. Maximise the potential of your business.

Serving over 1000 customers in the UK and many more in Europe, SCC is a reliable enterprise infrastructure and workplace productivity provider. SCC are an IBM platinum business partner, IBM being one of the most talked about IT tech companies, offering cutting edge hardware and software solutions to businesses, worldwide. For over 40 years now, SCC have forged a strong working relationship with IBM, delivering many successful projects.

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Incredible partnerships

SCC and IBM partnered with a definitive vision: to ensure our customers have unparalleled access to the broadest range of skills possible. We consistently strive to bridge the gap between business needs and technology. The work we do includes implementing IBM’s world-renowned hardware and software solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. This ultimately creates opportunities for businesses to improve their overall operations.

One-Stop-Shop for Innovative Solutions

The SCC and IBM Engagement Centre is a handy portal for all businesses, designed for easy navigation and ease-of-use. Businesses can explore our comprehensive range of innovative solutions built upon IBM technologies. The unique centre showcases different rooms, taking you through a journey of discovery, design, supply, management and optimisation for tailor made offerings. No matter what the solution a business is looking for, we’re confident we can deliver the best possible outcomes. Our offerings include: [one_third]


Agility is imperative in today’s working world. We’ve detailed our solutions to tackle the ongoing challenges that businesses face, making their operations much easier.

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To protect businesses from data threats, hefty costs and compromised productivity, we’ve created a room for all your storage needs.

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Orchestration and Automation

Customers can discover the benefit of implementing solutions for increased productivity in their workplace.




IBM offers complete end-to-end solutions, but it doesn’t stop there. Our ITSM room teaches customers about the incredible potential of IBM technologies.

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Businesses will inevitably face threats at some point. We’ve created a portal specifically highlighting the security efforts of SCC and IBM.

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Data Fabric

Access trusted data faster for you applications, analytics, AI and machine learning models and business process automation, to improve decision making and drive digital transformation.


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The Benefits

Ease of Use

The SCC and IBM Engagement Centre is a one-stop-shop designed to offer easy navigation for customers. Saving valuable time and effort to find solutions, maximising the potential for greater business results in the future.

Handy Resources

Upon exploration of the Engagement Centre, customers can find downloadable resources directly linking to our services, including payment solutions, managed service, hybrid Cloud solutions, access to workshops and professional services and much more.

Top-Class Support

With a dedicated team of over 25 IBM experts, SCC has enrolled the best in business to support customers on their journey. Simplifying their experience, the Engagement Centre makes contacting and working with these skilled resources easier than ever.

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