IBM: The New Normal

As organisations around the world turn their attention to recovery, SCC and IBM are working together to help you thrive in the ‘new normal’. With great challenge comes creativity – and there has never been a better time to ensure your security and data privacy is resilient enough to cope with new demands, including a surge in phishing scams, stricter regulation, and the requirement for encryption. With IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage, you can meet these challenges head on whilst reducing costs, optimising IT, and protecting your organisation throughout recovery and beyond. Your Challenges

  • Operational continuity and greater efficiency
  • Prioritising smaller IT budgets and cost management
  • Delivering immediate return on investment
  • Project diversion and lockdown of non-essential activities
  • Organisational and workforce redeployment
  • Internal process digitalisation and a shift to widespread remote working
  • IT automation and optimisation to manage massive workload
  • Increased bandwidth, collaboration and security
  • Remote access for personal devices

IBM Power Systems IBM Power Systems helps you maintain a competitive advantage and adapt rapidly to the changing tech landscape. That’s where consumption-based IT thrives. Power Systems helps you balance the flexibility of cloud infrastructure with the control, security and reliability you need, pay for IT resources and capacity on demand, reducing up-front capex and other costs, and enable rapid infrastructure expansion to meet the needs of new projects and workloads. With IBM Power, you can find the right server to match your data-intensive workloads, IT environment, and budget in the new normal. IBM Power delivers multiple advantages with superior core performance and memory bandwidth, with industry-leading value, a deep learning ecosystem, and advanced AI insights.

  • Lower your cost by up to 14% over cash purchase with a 90 days deferral payment;
  • Save 100% of your maintenance cost;
  • Leverage 30% of your purchased resources with flexibility in IBM Cloud;
  • Reduce up to 66% of your database software and software virtualisation costs.

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IBM Storage offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of storage solutions to unify, manage and protect data across multi-cloud and AI environments. The solutions provide the speed and performance of ready data access with the agility and efficiency of hybrid cloud and SDS, helping to connect data across any architecture and deliver insights quickly. IBM Storage gives you the edge to out-think and out-perform the competition. In the new normal, it’s critical you preserve cash flow, optimise your IT administration, and simplify the process of managing systems remotely, whilst keeping your organisation protected by the industry’s most secure solutions. IBM is offering storage solutions and consulting free of charge for 90 days, helping organisations through these uncertain times as we transition to the new normal. These selected IBM Storage solutions are simple, easy to implement, learn and manage, and provides significant cost savings.

  • Spectrum Scale
  • Spectrum Protect Plus
  • Spectrum Discover
  • Spectrum Insights Pro
  • Cyber Resilience Assessment
  • CSA – Protect Health Check free delivered through Lab Services or BPs

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