Mission Critical Apps: Keeping up with the ever increasing demands

It’s near impossible for IT to keep up with the demands of both new and existing mission-critical applications because they’re consumed with provisioning, troubleshooting, and supporting infrastructure. Sacrificing resiliency for agility is no longer acceptable; you need a new generation of enterprise storage that frees IT to accelerate what’s next with storage that manages itself, predicts and prevents disruptions, and delivers ultra-low latency for every application. HPE Primera is one of the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps, combining autonomous operations with extreme resiliency and performance. The storage platform for these workloads is the key for you to unlock innovation, get ahead, and ultimately be more competitive. The 10 HPE must haves for your organisation.

1. The most advanced AI for infrastructure

Over the past decade, HPE InfoSight has analysed over 1,250 trillion data points, transforming how storage is managed and supported. Through cloud-based machine learning, it predicts and prevents 86% of issues from storage to apps and automates 85% of support calls. HPE InfoSight is embedded into HPE Primera with real-time intelligence to deliver instant insights and dynamic optimisation that takes action on its own, creating an end-to-end AI pipeline for self-managing storage.

2. A unique OS that helps eliminate risk and simplifies management

COVID-19 has accelerated changes in how we work. Remote environments have become the norm and the ability to support employee productivity is no longer in question. But even before the pandemic, the HPE Primera OS uniquely brings advanced data services with radical simplicity and enhanced resiliency to your mission-critical apps. Unlike monolithic operating systems (OS) that create upgrade risk and require node reboots, HPE Primera is based on a services-centric OS, where every data service can be deployed, upgraded, and restarted independent of each other. This helps eliminate risk and node reboots for most updates. With the HPE Primera OS, you get a simple consumer grade user experience, faster access to new innovation, and a timeless investment that grows non disruptively with your business.

3. All-active architecture

Every volume intelligently accesses every SSD, node, and port.

  • All-NVMe – With flexible all-flash expansion
  • Multitenancy at scale – Up to 1.5M IOPS @ < 1 ms latency and 44 GB/s bandwidth
  • No tuning required – Every resource is always balanced
  • Instant failover – True active-active for high resiliency

4. Unique ownership experience for unending value

Up front

  • Don’t pay for software features and enhancements with all‑inclusive software
  • Get guaranteed data reduction ratios with the HPE Store More Guarantee
  • Flat support pricing gives customers a simple and predictable support pricing model


  • Say goodbye to disruption due to unexpected downtime, backed by our 100% Availability Guarantee
  • Investment protection and TCO savings


  • Technology refreshes every three years at no additional cost
  • No more forklift upgrades
  • Technology that’s always current

5. Integrated management sets up in minutes and automatically tunes itself

Gone are the days of complex and tedious storage administration that slows your ability to serve your customers. HPE has made it extremely simple to manage high-end storage as HPE Primera sets up in minutes, tunes itself, and upgrades transparently without hassle.

6. As-a-service consumption

Don’t let your technology slow you down and don’t pay more than you need. HPE GreenLake provides you with elastic scale and pay-as-you-go consumption. With HPE GreenLake, HPE Primera grows with your business needs and gives IT instant gratification with elastic consumption and scale delivered as a service.

7. Intelligence and composability

HPE Primera is now integrated into HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack so customers can accelerate time-to-market, end the firefighting, and grow without boundaries.

  • 89% less time to deploy Oracle databases
  • 100% data availability guaranteed for always-on applications
  • 30% CAPEX savings due to eliminated need for overprovisioning with HPE GreenLake

8. 100% availability guarantee

HPE Primera uses artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to analyse application patterns, as well as predict and prevent disruptions across the infrastructure stack. The intelligent, advanced software protects against silent corruptions with end-to-end data integrity, facilitating business continuity with automatic site failover. It also modernises and extends data protection to the cloud for your most critical apps. With no disruptions, corruptions, or delays you get app-aware resiliency, backed by the 100% Availability Guarantee. The 100% Availability Guarantee is standard for HPE Primera customers with a HPE Proactive Care or higher support contract. It’s a cost-nothing guarantee for a qualified outage.

9. Extreme scalability

  • Efficient scaling – Multi-node scale for performance and capacity
  • Simple refresh – Zero wasted investment with no forklift upgrades
  • Intelligent upgrades – Prescriptive for each array and built for self-update
  • No disruptions – Upgrades are transparent to your apps and to you

10. Hybrid cloud mobility

HPE Primera delivers flash speed, application-integrated data protection, copy data management, and data mobility that is built for the cloud with less cost and complexity. It lets you seamlessly, securely, and cost-effectively move data across primary, secondary, and private and public cloud tiers, enabling simple cloud based archive or disaster recovery while continuing to use your on-premises infrastructure for fast, reliable operational recovery and test and development.

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SCC and HPE have a relationship spanning over 30 years. SCC is HPE’s third Largest Platinum Partner in EMEA and are recognised as a ‘value’ partner for our ability to position and deliver a full end-to-end solution to our customers. SCC’s Cloud+ offering is powered by over 3,000 HPE racks in our own UK based Data Centres and in 2020, SCC won the Global Solution Provider of the year award at the HPE Global Partner Summit.


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