Empower your IT infrastructure

Empower your IT infrastructure with object storage from core to cloud to edge

  HPE Solutions for Scality empower IT infrastructure, application, and DevOps teams to address established and emerging workloads alike, from the core datacentre out to the edge and across multiple clouds.

HPE Solutions for Scality

Ideal for today’s archives, content repositories, and data lakes plus tomorrow’s cloud-native, AI/ML and analytics, and in-memory apps. HPE object based storage solutions for Scality’s adaptive enterprise data management combines with hybrid cloud-ready S3 API-compatible object stores and native file services flexibility. And HPE GreenLake for Storage brings the convenience of a cloud service to wherever your apps and data live. If your organisation needs an on-premises cloud storage solution for modern data-intensive applications HPE Solutions for Scality provide object storage for scalable unstructured data archives and tiers behind primary storage arrays. Now, cloud-native applications and high-performance analytics tools are increasingly using object and the S3 API as their persistent storage layer. To meet this need, HPE and Scality offer two solutions that scale easily from terabytes to petabytes on a full portfolio of customisable platforms and media types. For Enterprise IT: Scality RING enable enterprises to quickly build on-premises object storage in scalable clusters, with native S3 API and file access protocols. For Application Developers: Scality ARTESCA is a fully-containerized object storage solution with built-in multi-cloud federated data management for S3-centric data workloads and ultra-reliable dual-level erasure coding.

Key Features

  • Webscale Architecture with Edge-to-Core S3 API
  • Fast Object Storage at the Edge
  • Built-in Federated Data Management
  • Portfolio of Systems: Hybrid and All-NVMe


SCC and HPE have a relationship spanning over 30 years. SCC is HPE’s third Largest Platinum Partner in EMEA and are recognised as a ‘value’ partner for our ability to position and deliver a full end-to-end solution to our customers. SCC’s Cloud+ offering is powered by over 3,000 HPE racks in our own UK based Data Centres and in 2020, SCC won the Global Solution Provider of the year award at the HPE Global Partner Summit.  

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