Getting flexible and reducing costs

IT teams for UK public sector organisations are increasingly being asked to do more with less and, in particular, lower the total cost of ownership of IT operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for government authorities to cut costs at a time when technology has never been so important. In order to reduce cost whilst improving services, many organisations are looking towards digital transformation. In today’s economy, data flow, like cash flow, can be hard to predict. And measuring project cycles in weeks, not months, makes it harder to find, afford and install infrastructure on a project-by-project basis. Instead of over- or underinvesting in critical data solutions, both public and private sector organisations are looking for a structure where they only pay for what they use, with a flexible, agile consumption model that expands and contracts with the demands of the organisation. Public sector organisations have typically pursued a CapEx model, purchasing IT equipment upfront and growing into it. However, with budgets are constrained – even more so following the coronavirus crisis – more and more are moving to an OpEx model. Conserving cash is now as important as managing budgets against cash flow – and public sector customers who have recently accelerated their cloud journey to accommodate the massive shift of remote workers or online education, are able to minimise their risk while building out the infrastructure that they need by leveraging EverFlex from Hitachi Vantara. Hitachi Vantara has a data consumption plan to fit all organisation’s setups and budgets. Customers can choose from EverFlex Purchase, EverFlex Lease or pay-per-use EverFlex Consumption and enjoy flexibility and agility at a predictable price. EverFlex from Hitachi Vantara There has never been more uncertainty, volatility and risk in making long-term technology decisions, or more at stake to get it right. Organisations need more choice in acquisition alternatives to address this uncertainty. And, these options must come from someone they trust to guide them to apply the right choice in each unique buying situation. EverFlex from Hitachi Vantara offers an easy, flexible and comprehensive way to acquire all Hitachi products, services and solutions. Its options for purchase, lease and consumption pricing models span the entire portfolio, from storage to IoT. With cloud-like, pay-per-use consumption pricing, EverFlex provides a range of choices, including customisable utility pricing models as well as predesigned and pre-engineered as-a-service offerings. EverFlex delivers flexible and scalable resources that allow you to pay for what you need, when you need it: Pay more when you use more and pay less when you need less. Additional resources are in place as a reserve to provide instant scalability. And, there’s no requirement to use – or pay for – resources in reserve. A smarter way to consume EverFlex consumption model choices allow you to shift purchases to cloud-like consumption-based pricing. This approach eliminates the need to buy more than is needed and reduces the potential disruption of not buying enough. Cloud-like consumption also enables the reduction of operational costs and improved service delivery by shifting responsibility to Hitachi managed services. The scope of services can range from basic services of utility to an as-a-service approach. Basic services keep IT operations staff in control of operations while Hitachi manages the reporting, monitoring, alerting and capacity management. A more extensive scope of services shifts more of the operations responsibility and commitments to Hitachi, so you rely on us for more of the service level outcomes your business needs. The benefits The comprehensive choices of EverFlex provide a simple and elastic way to acquire all Hitachi products, services and solutions. These options help lower and align costs to what is actually used. • Cut IT operating budget waste by up to 20% with pay-as-you-go pricing; • Scale as needed, paying for only what you use; • Grow affordably, no matter how big your business gets; • Stay agile and flexible with the latest technology at an affordable cost.; • Budget accurately with predictable, transparent pricing and guaranteed outcomes; • Reduce IT management costs while delivering predictable SLAs; • Get secure, compliant managed services tailored to your business. Every organisation has different needs – that’s why flexibility is so critical. The consumption model, where services can be quickly ramped up and scaled down, has thrived in 2020 at a time when organisations needed to shift and accommodate a new way of working and learning amid COVID-19, quickly and without upfront costs. For more information on Hitachi Vantara products and services please contact your local SCC representative or email us at [email protected].
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