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For over 10 years, SCC and Dell have been working together to help businesses find greener, more efficient ways to go faster. As a Dell Titanium Black partner, we enable you to identify scalable solutions which empower you to operate at peak performance while supporting sustainable innovation.

PowerEdge: Ignite Innovation.

As the foundation for the modern data centre, Dell PowerEdge servers are the key to building an efficient, scalable and cloud-enabled infrastructure. The modern business needs a solution that will adapt and scale to their business needs, automate tasks to aid growth and protect against risk. Get it all in one with PowerEdge.

Innovate, Adapt, Grow.

PowerEdge servers enable you to innovate confidently with superior security solutions:

  1. 1 . Cryptographically verified hardware integrity
  2. 2. Dynamic system lockdown
  3. 3. Robust firmware and boot protection

Adaptive Compute

Evolving compute demands require a platform that optimises the latest technology advancements to address your data.

Autonomous Compute Infrastructure

Intelligent systems that enable rapid transformation and productivity that help you grow, scale and evolve.

Proactive Resilience

An infrastructure you can trust, designed for secure interactions and capable of anticipating potential threats.

Powering Continuous Innovation.

By continually pushing the boundaries of what PowerEdge servers can achieve, we help businesses push their performance further than before.

Intrinsic Security

A comprehensive set of tools protect you against threats such as malware, counterfeit components and firmware tampering.

Focus on Acceleration

The PowerEdge portfolio is optimised to support any workload, including High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Thoughtful Cooling

Today’s data centres need new cooling solutions to foster innovation. Dell Multi Vector Cooling 2.0, Dell Direct Liquid Cooling, and Dell Leak Sense all empower your business to innovate and go faster.

Broader PSU Support

Mixed Mode support and an enhanced extended power range allows for higher-powered configurations to tackle longer periods of peak activity.

Improved Server Connectivity

Dell helped create a new form factor for Ethernet: OCP NIC 3.0. This non-proprietary industry standard provides the option of iDRAC shared LOM and delivers better maximum adapter density.

Unlock Your Power.

No matter what your infrastructure looks like today, we can help you find sustainable solutions that enable you to innovate and evolve. Get in touch today to discuss your goals – and how we can help you get there with an adaptable, scalable and secure foundation.

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