Dell EMC PowerStore: Designed for the data era

In the new data era, the combination of massive amounts of data and unparalleled technology innovation has given businesses of all sizes the opportunity to become disruptive, digital powerhouses. But despite this potential, many learn that digital transformation can be complex and challenging.



The Challenges




Data has become more diverse than ever before – and it is now being created, processed and stored everywhere, from edge to cloud. Most organisations have found no single infrastructure that can address all their data requirements, so they utilise different architectures, creating siloes of IT resources that are managed and consumed independently.



IT is under increasing pressure to deliver greater levels of simplicity and agility on the business side. Enterprise-grade, on-premises storage must now provide the same operational flexibility as cloud, becoming ever more adaptable, automated and easier to integrate with existing management frameworks.





The Solution

  Dell EMC PowerStore is a modern storage appliance designed for the data era. This game-changing platform unlocks the power of data, regardless of its structure or location, helping you adapt and transform your IT without disrupting current operations. PowerStore provides data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads.  

Data centric design

Optimise system performance, scalability, and storage efficiency to support any workload without comprimise

Intelligent automation

Programmable infrastructure that simplifies management and optimise system resources

Adaptable architecture

Enables speed and application mobility, offers flexible deployment models, and flexible payment solutions


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Dell EMC PowerStore

  Dell EMC PowerStore is a next-generation midrange data storage solution targeted at customers who are looking for value, flexibility, and simplicity.   • Any workload – Physical and virtual Apps and DBs, Containers and Files • Performance optimised – Scale-up and scale-out with end-to-end NVMe • Efficiency without comprise – Always on data reduction • Programmable infrastructure – Streamlines development and automates workflows • Flexible deployment – Modernise the core, edge, and cloud without disruption • Flexible consumption – Choice, predictability, and investment protection




SCC and Dell EMC Partnership


SCC has been working in partnership with Dell EMC for over ten years; and as a result of this longstanding relationship, we have achieved Titanium Black partner status. This level is invite-only and highlights SCC’s European-wide strategic importance to Dell EMC’s goals as a buinsess.



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