The stakes have never been higher around securing campuses

The education sector is increasingly the target of cyber threats. With sensitive personal information to safeguard, intellectual property to protect, and campuses to secure, the stakes are high. Staying on top of the evolving education environment takes a lot of work. But educators are a passionate group motivated by a deeper mission to equip all students to reach their full potential. To empower education in today’s world, you need a solid technology foundation that helps you deliver on this mission and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. That’s where SCC and Cisco come in. Your Challenges

  • Driving innovation in education
  • Ensuring your network is fit-for-purpose as the pace of education keeps accelerating
  • Enabling effective teaching to be carried out remotely
  • Protecting your organisation from the increasing threat of cyber-attacks
  • Automating the defence around your network
  • Enhancing the student experience
  • Attracting more students from home and abroad to your organisation

Click here to read our fact sheet titled Security – Data and Collaboration in Education. Click here to read our fact sheet titled Security – Securing your campuses. Our Solutions Zero Trust Security Proactively reduce the risk of a data breach with Cisco’s Duo Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Verify users’ identities, gain visibility into every device, and enforce adaptive policies to secure access to every application. Digital Learning We understand that education is transitioning to virtual course delivery and we are here to help. Webex Teams brings you full classroom collaboration with virtual class, follow-up chat, and file storage. Clearing Contact Centre We know the true cost of a missed call or network outage at clearing time. Cisco’s Clearing Contact Centre and networking solutions ensure you never miss out on the brightest new minds. Cisco DNA SCC can help universities by deploying an end to end Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA). Cisco DNA architecture helps empower students and teachers to explore new forms of education with a network that is constantly learning. Cisco DNA: An Intuitive Campus Cisco DNA delivers faster innovation with actionable insights, lowers costs with network automation, and reduces risks with security everywhere, laying the foundation for digital transformation on your campus. Key to the success of an intuitive campus is the application that sits in the centre and brings all the different functions and datasets together. We unlock your network’s full potential for your students and teachers, campus-wide, empowering them to explore new forms of education with a network that is constantly learning, improving the university experience for teachers, students and the university itself. Living – From getting to class on time, accessing learning resources, collaborating with other students, attending online seminars, to receiving useful notifications and providing security, anywhere on camps, at any time, students expect a seamless user experience on and off campus. Education – Providing remote learning, enabling new ways of teaching, flipping lectures, virtualising field trips, collaborating internationally, and increasing teaching capacity are just some of the ways an intuitive campus can improve the delivery of education. Campus Economy – Real-time information enables the efficient deployment of resources, whilst refining buildings and facilities management, boosting enrolment through reputation, growing research capabilities and saving money. All of this can be achieved on an intuitive campus. Why SCC and Cisco? We provide the flexibility to align security services and solutions to the different levels of maturity that organisations have around their security strategy. Our Security Lifecycle relies on a continuous improvement throughout these four stages, providing the flexibility for processes to react to new threats and also helping with an organisation’s structural changes and overall business positioning. This lifecycle approach is powered by our people who are specialists in each area, with knowledge that bridges the operational, commercial and technical processes. Partnership – SCC is a leading Cisco UK Gold partner with a long-standing partnership spanning two decades. Specialist – SCC’s dedicated Cisco technology specialist team has experience working with customers in the private and public sector, providing consultancy, design, implementation, post-sales, and on-going management services. Reduce Risk – Together, we have a suite of enterprise security services to help reduce security risk and the anxiety of security breaches. Innovative – We continually invest in our partnership and joint capabilities, delivering ever-more effective services that stay on top of the latest risks and threats to your information security. Understanding – We get to know your people and processes to build a complete picture of requirements. Our independent research helps us understand your sector, saving you the time, effort and money of acquiring tools and technology. Global – Our international reach and strong global partnerships keep us relevant and help us improve our security skills as needs evolve.

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