Has there ever been a better time for a technology refresh?

In the post Covid-19 world, security challenges and priorities have shifted as the need for greater collaboration has intensified – and with so many employees working from home, there has never been a better time for a technology refresh. According to SCC’s own research, almost twice as many IT leaders believe cloud security is now one of the biggest threats to IT security following the Covid-19 pandemic. With widespread homeworking and increased vulnerability to cyber-attacks as a result of the global pandemic, there is now a bigger focus on end user device security, identity and access management and cyber security. With change comes opportunity – and the chance to refresh network technology with little disruption to business-as-usual. Together with Cisco, SCC can deliver a technology refresh that fully supports and protects your organisation as we enter a new normal. Your Challenges

  • Keeping your organisation safe from increased cyber-attacks as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Ensuring your incident response protocols reflect the radically different operating conditions
  • Protecting the organisation whilst enabling secure, widespread and quickly scalable homeworking
  • Giving your people access to all the tools they need to stay safe whilst using multiple remote devices
  • Sharing knowledge and best practice around collaboration and security
  • Coping with a rapidly increasing dependency on cloud services
  • Ensuring all remote access capabilities are tested and secure
  • Staying on top of the expanded operating environment with appropriate security monitoring

Our Solutions SCC Security Lifecycle Helping organisations align their security strategy with risk management and business requirements. The lifecycle is based on our continuous review and adaptation of technology and processes, using a four-stage model: PREDICT, PREVENT, RESPOND, DETECT. SCC Assure SCC’s audit service is powered by Cisco Smart Services: giving customers on-going visibility of their entire estate via periodic reporting and automated alerts, as well as End of Sale/Life/Support notification and firmware reporting – mitigating risks and unplanned downtime. Cisco for Security Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise and Cisco ISE work together with the network to provide powerful, highly secure access; automated threat detection; and software-defined segmentation. They can even detect encrypted threats. Systems Upgrade Make sure your security systems are fit-for-purpose now and in the future with better incident response, remote access and end point security (AMP), remote worker vigilance, monitoring and visibility. Enterprise Agreement The Cisco Enterprise Agreement (Cisco EA) is ideal for organisations that want financial predictability, a simplified IT environment, or have a technology growth plan. Why SCC and Cisco? We provide the flexibility to align security services and solutions to the different levels of maturity that organisations have around their security strategy. Our Security Lifecycle relies on a continuous improvement throughout these four stages, providing the flexibility for processes to react to new threats and also helping with an organisation’s structural changes and overall business positioning. This lifecycle approach is powered by our people who are specialists in each area, with knowledge that bridges the operational, commercial and technical processes. Partnership – SCC is a leading Cisco UK Gold partner with a long-standing partnership spanning two decades. Specialist – SCC’s dedicated Cisco technology specialist team has experience working with customers in the private and public sector, providing consultancy, design, implementation, post-sales, and on-going management services. Reduce Risk – Together, we have a suite of enterprise security services to help reduce security risk and the anxiety of security breaches. Innovative – We continually invest in our partnership and joint capabilities, delivering ever-more effective services that stay on top of the latest risks and threats to your information security. Understanding – We get to know your people and processes to build a complete picture of requirements. Our independent research helps us understand your sector, saving you the time, effort and money of acquiring tools and technology. Global – Our international reach and strong global partnerships keep us relevant and help us improve our security skills as needs evolve.

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