Back to School: SCC Partners with Logitech to Improve Learning Capabilities

Recent years have highlighted the desperate need for greater flexibility regarding where and how students learn. But despite misconception, learning has never been one-size-fits-all – even before the pandemic – because no two students will ever learn in the exact same way.

Therefore, the technology they and their teachers use must support the distinctive needs of each individual. SCC has partnered with Logitech to provide brilliant interoperable solutions for back to school, ensuring every student can learn their way with next-level tech.

Delivering Solutions to Enhance Learning Potential

iPad Solutions

Making learning from anywhere – be it the classroom, home, or on-the-go – possible for students, Logitech has designed several savvy accessories for iPads. The durable keyboard case offers military-grade drop protection whilst simplifying typing work for students. Featuring a pocket for the Logitech Crayon, the option to write, sketch, and annotate gives both students and teachers greater control. Plus, there’s a collection of headsets to improve collaboration, focus, and engagement from just about anywhere.

Chromebook Solutions

Designed to support the incredible power of Chromebooks, Logitech offers a complete range of accessories to support both students and teachers. The USB-C rechargeable stylus, noise-cancelling headsets, and HD resolution webcams ultimately simplify collaboration by boosting focus and engagement. Plus, the standalone mics promise crystal-clear communication in hybrid learning situations. There are even multiple mice, giving students the option to switch between a mouse and the trackpad.

Windows Solutions

Supporting Windows computers, Logitech offers a selection of wired and wireless keyboards and mice. Boasting features to support ergonomics, including an ambidextrous design, students are never held back by minimal comfort. There’s even access to media controls, enabling easy navigation with just one click. Plus, the H111 headset and C270 webcam provides lifelike interactions, helping students work where they’re most comfortable without setbacks.

Click here to download the New Logic of Learning Solutions Guide.

Why SCC and Logitech?

SCC and Logitech have partnered to support both students and teachers returning to school – whether working from the classroom, at home, on-the-go, or otherwise.

Together, we equip both parties with the tools and technology they need to thrive. With a focus on providing solutions to help students learn in their own way, we ultimately enhance their learning experience and potential with our unique products.

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