A new era of hybrid working

Working from home is the new normal – and it’s here to stay.


Organisations are already looking to the long-term and updating WFH policies, heralding a new era of hybrid working and changing the way we work forever.

  Before COVID-19, an estimated 30 million people worked from home on a regular basis. The number of telecommuters increased exponentially to more than 270 million last year. Everyone, from C-level execs to entry level workers, have had to ensure seamless productivity during this shift in the work environment.

The right tools for the job

The key to ensuring you remain productive at home is selecting the right personal communications devices – including headsets and video cameras – for optimal voice and video calls. This doesn’t just apply to homeworkers but also those who do return to the office, who require the same optimised experience and comfort as they connect to remote colleagues. Unified communications platforms have seen exponential growth in the past 12 months and it’s predicted this trend will continue to rise, even when strict lockdown measures are lifted. It’s therefore crucial organisations carefully review the personal communications devices they are issuing to employees to make sure they have the right tool for the job. Typically, price is the key driver when procuring IT peripherals. However, with more users spending more time meeting virtually, the most important consideration going forward must be suitability and the appropriate tech spec to ensure people can remain productive, in comfort, and replicate the office environment wherever they are.

Making the best choices

Unlike the requirement for IT departments to buy headsets webcams to keep in stock and distributed as necessary, organisations must now understand that every users’ requirement is different and tailor the procurement of personal communications devices accordingly. Poly have made this process easier by designing a range of headset solutions to suit everyone, considering wearing style preference, connectivity needs and workspace challenges. When selecting devices, these six considerations can help you make the best choices on a role-by-role basis: Connectivity – Do you require connectivity with just one or multiple devices? Will the device enable seamless switching between devices? Wires or wireless – Enable more freedom with wireless devices or never worry about battery charging again with a wired headset. Noise cancellation – Active noise cancelling (ANC) headsets help you stay focused and drown out background noise – but this might not be appropriate for every role or environment. Style – Choose a monaural device to keep one ear free and stay connected to your environment or stereo to enable full concentration. Design – In-ear discreet designs are perfect for video calls. Quality – Feel more connected and engaged with a high-quality video and sound.  

A Poly device for every working style:

The home office:

Poly’s Voyager 6200 UC provides a discrete wearing style that connects to multiple devices. During calls only a single ear bud is needed allowing the other ear to be free to listen to the surroundings – ideal for listening for the front door. With optional ANC, surrounding noise can be reduced to maintain focus and productivity. For the private home office, the Sync 20 speakerphone provides professional conference call audio and connects to both a computer and mobile. It can be difficult to stay focused when work and home life collides. The Savi 8220 UC wireless headset offers long-range wireless of up to 590ft/180m, so you can manage the home whilst staying connected. ANC reduced background noise, to help you remain focused. The noise cancelling microphone keeps your voice clear, with close conversation limited.

The simple setup:

For new and temporary homeworkers looking for a simple plug and play setup, the Blackwire 3325 provides the ideal headset solution. Its wired connectivity means there are no batteries to worry about. It can connect to a computer via USB or to a mobile with its inline 3.5mm connector.

The all-day conference:

For users that spend most of their day on PC conference calls, the Blackwire 8225 corded UC headset is perfect to help you zone out from the unpredictable background noises that are common in the home office. The Blackwire 8225 reduces noise around you using three levels of hybrid ANC, whilst your voice remains clear with a noise cancelling microphone with acoustic fence.

The call centre agent:

Contact Centre agents who work from home require the same high-quality headset as in the office. The Voyager 4245 Office is a proven headset design that is light and comfortable for all-day wearing. You may have been transitioned from a desk phone in the office to a PC soft client at home or calls routed to your mobile. The Voyager 4245 Office keeps you connected to your PC and your mobile, as well as connecting to your traditional desk phone. Wireless connectivity means you can move around your home office and never miss that important call. The EncorePro 525-USB wired headset is durable, light and comfortable for all-day wearing.

High-quality video:

For richer communications in all office setups, a high-quality camera like the EagleEye Mini ensures a better experience compared to the built-in laptop camera. Plug and play means its ready for use in seconds, whilst a compact design and mounting options enables comfortable eye-contact. The integrated privacy shutter and video mute/unmute LED indicators keeps you in full control.

Remote device management from Poly:

Plantronics Manager Pro is an additional subscription-based software-as-a-service/ It enables IT managers to monitor, manage and maintain all headsets centrally. It is accessible from any web browser, and your IT department can centrally deploy the latest firmware updates to all headsets. With Plantronics Manager Pro support, you gain insight into every Plantronics headset being used company-wide, including device usage and inventory analysis — all from the cloud.

For more information on any of the Poly products above or to find the perfect product for your requirement, please click here.


Why SCC and Poly?

SCC and Poly are well-established partners, delivering award winning collaboration solutions. SCC was named Video Partner of the Year at the 2019 Poly Awards, recognised for its experience and expertise in helping customers achieve their full productivity potential through true end-to-end Poly solutions. SCC AVS is SCC’s specialist audio-visual business, providing solutions and services to many of the UK’s largest public and private sector organisations. From unified communications through data centre, to end user compute, SCC has the expertise experience to bring together top tier technologies, services, applications and devices to connect networks, organisations and their people anywhere, anytime.


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