We have won the ‘Green Award’ at the AV Awards 2021!

We have won the ‘Green Award’ at the AV Awards 2021!

We are delighted to announce that we won the ‘Green Award’ at the AV Awards 2021. The AV Awards reward outstanding examples of excellence from across all pro AV markets and all technologies. The ‘Green Award’ recognises our technology recycling services, our environmental accreditations, supplier code of conduct and environmental impact.

About Our Green Credentials

Recycling When selecting products SCC is especially conscious, given the nature of the client and the public profile, to only work with companies who have the same green credentials and aspirations. Products selected are designed to reduce their environmental impact, focusing on 4 key areas: circularity (facilitate repairs, refurbishment, and reuse of materials), reduce energy consumption, avoid hazardous substances, use recycled or FSC certified packaging. The key manufacturers are already carbon neutral and are aiming to be carbon negative within the next 8 years. SCC itself operates its own IT recycling operation UK Operations Centre based at the SCC Global Headquarters in Birmingham. SCC provides a fully auditable, compliant, and managed recycling solution which may cover all aspects of Refurbishment, Remarketing and Environmental WEEE Disposal. Additionally, SCC delivers secure data destruction services at customer locations. SCC has offered Recycling Services within the UK and across EMEA covering more than 2 million assets since 2003. At the UK Operations Centre, all processing activity is undertaken entirely in-house by fully trained and SC Cleared personnel, without the need for any additional subcontracting. SCC’s Recycling Services are designed to optimise the lifespan and overall value of IT assets, encompassing individual requirements, compliancy obligations, data security and CSR objectives, including adhering to a zero-landfill policy following the secure destruction of end of life assets. Accreditation SCC implements a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) to include all company sites. This system is subject to external verification to demonstrate compliance with the EN ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems. SCC commits to meet, or where possible, exceed the requirements of EN ISO 14001: 2015. We are fully committed to the ongoing training and education of our staff so that the company can ensure that there is full participation in the operation of the Environmental Management System. Our Suppliers All our suppliers and subcontractors undergo assessments across a variety of areas, which are reviewed on a regular basis. This is part of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement as part of our ISO certifications. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is extremely important to SCC, and we therefore require our suppliers to be good corporate citizens. SCC suppliers are required to uphold the same values and strive where possible to support significant CSR policy areas, such as sustainability, life cycle assessments, carbon foot printing (where applicable), diversity and inclusion, prompt payment, support of the Armed Forces Covenant, apprenticeships, and skills development. Environmental Impact Carbon Emission assessments for SCC are carried out by CO2balance since 2009 to monitor the scope and source of the company’s emissions. The assessment methodology for the Greenhouse Gas Assessment follows the reporting principles and guidelines provided by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol published by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and World Resources Institute. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the ISO 14064_1 standard define three protocols that SCC are measured against must be used when determining emissions. These are divided into scopes.

  • Scope 1 – Direct Emissions (fuel combustion, company owned vehicles)
  • Scope 2 – Indirect Emissions (such as purchased electricity for own use)
  • Scope 3 – Indirect Emissions (outsourced operations, business travel in vehicles not owned by the company, embodied energy in products purchased, waste disposal)

Additional Green Credentials Embedded into this and all major projects is SCC’s recycling services. We provide year-on-year waste management and recycling figures to our customers. This has enabled them to monitor and minimise their waste and save on capital expenditure through on-selling materials and refurbishing equipment. Over the last year, SCC has processed 224,816 units, that’s a monthly average of over 18,734 units that were processed through Recycling Services. SCC’s Recycling, Environmental and IT teams carry out extensive research and system development in order to input the most accurate data into our bespoke Recycling system, Radius. Radius is a fully auditable system that records real time touch points involved in the end-to-end processing of each individual item. When customer IT equipment is received into our secure facility, we assign each item a unique SCC tracker identifier and capture all critical item details, including manufacturer, model, serial number, and applicable asset numbers. The unique tracker is physically placed on items and captured in Radius, alongside all other critical item details Since 2009, we have been working with CO2balance, to calculate and offset the carbon dioxide emissions created from our offices and in doing so, achieving Carbon Zero status for these facilities. We have achieved this through CO2balance’s support of a range of projects, the most prominent being its Energy Efficient Stove Project in Kenya, and more recently, its Borehole Rehabilitation Project in Uganda.

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