Laptop donation enables home-schooling for local students

SCC enables home-schooling for local students through laptop donation

Thirty high-quality refurbished laptops have been gifted from SCC to disadvantaged students in the Birmingham area through a local education foundation.

The Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) supports the city’s 450 state schools and is committed to ensuring excellence in the education system. Recently, The Partnership has been on a mission to get IT equipment to those in need, due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has highlighted a huge IT crisis as a high proportion of school-aged children still do not have access to a computer from home, severely affecting their home learning. The Partnership, in coalition with several partners such as Link2ICT and Birmingham E-Learning Foundation, have come together to create the Digital Education Partnership to help get more IT equipment and connectivity to children in need. After approaching SCC, we were pleased to be able to provide 30 laptops to support this initiative. Tim Boyes, Chief Executive of BEP, said, “We are extremely grateful to SCC for the fantastic gift of 30 laptops. We are so impressed with the quality of the devices which are as-good-as-new. These laptops will significantly benefit local children who can now carry on their education from home. Thank you.” BEP Laptop Donation

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