Helping companies reduce commercial building carbon emissions and cut energy costs

SCC (Specialist Computer Centres) and Grid Edge AI’s have partnered to help companies reduce commercial building carbon emissions and cut energy costs.

SCC, Europe’s largest privately owned technology company today announced a partnership with Grid Edge, a leading provider of AI-powered holistic energy intelligence software. The partnership will enable SCC to offer its clients a comprehensive suite of energy management solutions that help them reduce costs, improve sustainability, and meet their ESG goals across their commercial real estate.

Grid Edge’s technology provides real-time and predictive insights into energy consumption, carbon, and costs. This enables organisations to identify and reduce waste, optimise their energy use, improve their renewable energy integration, and participate in future demand response programmes.

Our partnership with Grid Edge will provide our clients with the latest and most innovative energy management solutions,” said Daniel Cartter, Director of Innovation at SCC. “Grid Edge’s technology will save customers’ money while also helping to achieve their current and future energy and sustainability goals.

We are delighted to partner with SCC to help its clients reduce carbon and costs without negatively impacting comfort levels,” said Paul McCorquodale, CEO of Grid Edge AI. “Our technology makes energy optimisation simple, providing organisations with the insights and tools they need to make better energy decisions.

The benefits of Grid Edge’s technology for SCC clients

Reduced energy costs: Grid Edge’s technology helps organisations to identify and reduce waste, optimise their energy use, and improve their renewable energy integration. This can lead to significant savings on energy costs, with clients often seeing savings in excess of 20%.

Reducing carbon emissions from energy: Grid Edge’s technology can help organisations to improve their ESG rating by reducing their carbon emissions from energy usage and demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. It also enables organisations to use energy when carbon emissions are lowest.

Increased compliance: Grid Edge’s technology can help organisations to comply with complex energy regulations and standards. Enabling business to be ready for future ‘time of day’ energy tariffs and variable carbon reporting.

About SCC

SCC simplifies the complex of IT solutions for global businesses as Europe’s largest independent IT group. We help clients succeed through IT transformation and exceptional customer experiences.

Operating out of 65+ locations in the UK, France, Romania, Spain, and Vietnam, we deliver limitless IT solutions in partnership with the world’s best technology vendors.

Our multi-award-winning cloud services, digital workplace, and cyber security solutions support customers in a broad range of public and private industry sectors. It aspires to be the most customer and employee centric IT systems integrator.

We are trusted to discover, design, supply, implement, manage, and optimise IT that supports European economies through enduring partnership, driven by curiosity, and inspired by innovation.

About Grid Edge

Grid Edge is the AI empowering commercial building to net-zero, making the complex world of energy, simple and predicting tomorrow’s energy costs, carbon, and comfort.

Our mission is to help save the planet by reducing the amount of carbon being released through inefficient energy usage. Grid Edge uses information to automatically flex when, what, and how much energy a building uses, whilst keeping building occupants happy.

Grid Edge is backed by some of the industry leaders and is a trusted energy partner for public and private organisations across the UK. Enabling carbon and cost avoidance within weeks of activation. Empowering building owners and operators through visibility, recommendations, and automation.

Find more about Grid Edge here:

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