As the UK gets set to embrace long-term changes to the way we live following the COVID-19 pandemic, SCC is helping businesses prepare for life after lockdown. SCC’s new Thermal Temperature Detection technology solution is a key component in protecting people and demonstrating that businesses have taken necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing of their customers, employees and suppliers, as the country slowly begins to mobilise again. The restaurant industry is one of the worst affected by the pandemic, forced to close doors to customers due to restaurant footfall, volume of customers, and the inability to social distance whilst preparing and serving food. Fast food restaurants in particular will need to prove proactive measures have been taken to enable safe social distancing before they are authorised to reopen by Government and the relevant authorities. Thermal Temperature Detection can help fast food restaurants achieve this. By installing a fixed ceiling mounted smart camera above each entrance, restaurant employees can receive real-time notification via a smart phone application whenever a customer arrives, enabling them to proactively instigate social distancing protocols. With the ability to reopen safely, fast food restaurants can start to rebuild their brand, boost their revenues and regain consumer confidence.
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