SCC enables homeworking for critical UK bank workers in under four days

When the coronavirus situation suddenly accelerated a long-term project with a major UK bank to upgrade its legacy videoconferencing (VC) system, SCC delivered in under four days. Having already been working with the bank on a strategy to replace its former VC solution, the bank found itself with an urgent requirement to enable homeworking for critical users. SCC reacted immediately, collaborating with the bank’s IT teams and the on-site SCC resource to define and implement a fast-track solution. SCC AVS worked with BlueJeans and engaged the bank within 24 hours, quickly driving a proposal which highlighted all dependencies, including bank security team policies and firewalls. The proposal was agreed within 48 hours and less than a day later we had activated 150 critical bank users, enabling homeworking and business continuity, with the ability to quickly and easily increase this to 5,000 users. The bank’s CTO commended SCC’s responsiveness and support at such a challenging time for us all, in another example of teamwork under pressure to deliver important projects in the most difficult circumstances.
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