Inviting international innovation in healthcare

Our Chairman, Sir Peter Rigby, and SCC’s Head of Innovation, Dan Cartter, welcomed new and emerging healthcare technology companies from Israel, Norway, Sweden and Finland to our international headquarters in Birmingham this week, as part of a visit to the UK organised by the British Embassy and Israel’s UK Israel Tech Hub. Sir Peter Rigby said: “At SCC, we are ideally positioned to partner with international companies to accelerate their plans to introduce new technologies to the UK market. This is due to SCC’s passion for innovation, our proven, trusted brand and our long history of successful partnerships with the NHS and other healthcare providers. It was a pleasure to host today’s event.” Dan Cartter, Head of Innovation, added: “Through building strategic relationships with the world’s leading centres of innovation – in healthcare and other sectors – we can make an even bigger impact and help the NHS, and other providers, deliver digital solutions faster. Our resources, experience, and reputation make us an ideal partner for new and emerging technology companies.” Ronit Applebaum, Healthcare Innovation Lead, UK Israel Tech Hub, British Embassy Israel, said: “The opportunity to visit SCC in Birmingham was beyond valuable, for us at the UK-Israel tech hub and especially for the Israeli start-ups. It was enlightening meeting so many of SCC’s team and learning about their activities and partnerships within the NHS and other Healthcare providers. The Israeli start-ups came out of the day not only with new learnings about the healthcare system within the UK but also with new and good connections to SCC and its various NHS collaborations. We are confident that SCC can, and will, play a big part in the penetration of Israeli technology into the UK market and we hope for many more successful events such as this one. I thank Daniel Cartter and Sir Peter Rigby for hosting us and arranging such a fantastic event!” Anat Weiss-Ronen, Head of FDI, British Embassy Israel, said: “Israel is a global powerhouse when it comes to medical innovation. For that reason, we, at the British Embassy believe that SCC, as a supplier of technology to the NHS, and a partner of SWFT, will support these companies by helping them develop and commercialise digital health solutions for the greater benefit of the wider NHS.SCC Embassy Event SCC Embassy Event
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