Insider West Midlands Young Professional Awards 2023 – Winners Announced!

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the finalists who graced the Young Professional Awards, namely Junaid Ahmed, Thomas Kenward, Owain Perkins, Harry Solloway, and James Long. Amidst this stellar group, we reserve a special drumroll moment to celebrate the outstanding achievement of Owain Perkins, our esteemed Apprentice Security Operations Analyst in the Cyber team, who clinched the coveted title of Apprentice of the Year.

Owain remarked, “I am profoundly thankful for this prestigious award. The acknowledgment of my relentless effort and unwavering dedication holds immense significance for me. This recognition serves as a powerful motivator propelling me to further excel in the pursuit of my aspirations. I extend my sincere thanks for this remarkable honor.”

Commencing his apprenticeship, Owain exhibited a mature and responsible work ethic in both his professional endeavors and academic pursuits aligned with the apprenticeship standard. Over the course of the past three years, particularly during challenging periods necessitating remote work, Owain consistently demonstrated effective communication and responsiveness to all assigned targets and responsibilities. He surpassed expectations by leveraging guidance and supervision from both the college and his employer, excelling in his job role and responsibilities.

Owain’s Apprentice Assessor shared, “Collaborating with Owain has been a gratifying experience, owing to his polite and composed approach in resolving intricate challenges. His adept handling of urgent and essential tasks within the realm of Cyber Security reflects not only his competence but also his commitment to excellence.”

We take immense pride in harbouring such exceptional young talent within our organisation and eagerly anticipate witnessing their continued growth and success. Congratulations to all the finalists!

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